Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Tuesday

Man has the last week gone quick.  Here it is time for Random Tuesday.  Random up and go link with Keely at The UnMom.  It's fun and non fattening.  Mostly.

  • Hunting has not gone well for Nick yet.  He has seen them but not at a time or way when he could get one.  This weekend he will get an antelope.  They almost out number people in our state so that one won't be hard. 
  • He did have a bear encounter last weekend.  It turned out well, but he did have one come to about ten yards away.  Not what he was expecting.  When it moved off, he had to sneak away and work his way back to camp all while keeping an eye behind him.  Later when he had changed his shorts and calmed down a bit he could view it as a cool encounter, no one got hurt and he got to see a black bear.  He could have passed on the whole event though.
  • The boys are finally well here.  A cold made it's way through the boys and I'm hoping I don't get it.  I'm not holding much hope.  I've been exposed from both boys.  It's inevitable I think.
  • Bruiser has finally started saying English words.  He is very good at Swahili, but he is finally throwing in some real words we can understand.  He says shoe, tushie, kitty, I-do, I-do-it, yes, yeah, tursty(thirsty) and daddy.  Nick says he heard him say oil last Friday, but the kid is no mimic if he doesn't want to, so I haven't heard that one yet.  But he is finally giving up on the Swahili, but it is a slow process.
  • Turbo has become obsessed with the Lego video games.  He is good at them, but given the choice, that's all he wants to do.  How do you explain to a seven year old that only video games makes you a dull boy--also lazy.  We limit his time but he really doesn't get why.
  • I had a moment this weekend.  I kind of cracked.  After being around both boys without a break for three days, I hit the wall.  Nick was home and I took a comment he made about the state of the kitchen counters all wrong.  He reacted badly to my reaction and things quickly went downhill.  We ended up talking it out but the whole episode was no fun.  I still don't know why I have these dips in my mood, maybe after being on for the boys for that long, I felt that I could crack because Nick was there to pick up the pieces.  Stupid moods that make me crazy.
  • On a brighter note the camper worked great for Nick all weekend.  Next summer is going to be great fun going camping with our Hilton on wheels.
Now go see Keely, she can tell you how Zombies learned to run.  Fun times.


  1. 1. It must be the nature of seven year old boys. I had to take the DS away from mine when he told me iwthout it he wouldn't have the energy to eat. Really.
    2. Don't beat up on yourself for cracking. It happens. Much as I love the boys, sometimes I just crave adult conversation (and criticism doesn't count!)

  2. We all have our moments of cracking!

  3. I think maybe you need a break, too! ;)

  4. Scary bear encounter! Glad it wasn't a major incident (other than him having to change his shorts...*snicker!*)

    I have moments where I hit the wall, too - and I only have Princess Nagger to contend with! ((HUGZ!!))

    RTT: Summer's End, Winemaking and Barf

  5. Everyone Cracks, Look at Nick he Cracked at the mere sight of a bear :p hehe

  6. How cute is a toddler saying "tushie"? Love it!
    I understand about dips in moods. I get them too. RIght about now, John knows better than to criticize anything. :-)

  7. You know what? Every one of us does that crack thing every now and then. It's probably more frequent when you're home with little ones all the time, but we all have a breaking point and just need time to recharge. To do something fun because we want to. Maybe it's time for an adventure for you and the boys, or maybe you should plan some quiet time just for you. No one else invited. Unless you'd like a girlfriend to join you.


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