Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Someone

Dear Turbo,
I know you love your friends but the hugging has got to stop.  You can't run at your friends and grab them to hug them.  They are starting to run the other direction.  Tame down your enthusiasm or trouble will result.  Let's work on high fives, not hugs!  Got it?
Love you just not the attacking hugs!
Concerned Mom

Dear Left Wrist
So done with you.

Dear Nick,
Knock down a big antelope this weekend, we need to meat!

Dear Mom,
Drive safe on your trip, we'll miss you.
Your daughter

Dear Bruiser,
Be really good for Papa next week so he'll want to watch you after next week.  It will give grandma a break and you will have fun, so please be good.


  1. My four year old is like that with kids too. and me. and his sister. We've really got to work on the personal space thing with him.

  2. Kids dont seem to get the whole personal space thing lol. Good luck to your hubs on his hunt!

  3. Sprite's a hugger too. I usually get tied up in getting her out of daycare due to all the goodbyes!

  4. uggghhh the hugs!!! My oldest is the same way. It is so sweet but really super annoying at times too!

  5. My younger Midget was always overenthusiastic with the hugs too. It was cute, but other kids didn't care for it so much.

    Hope your wrist feels better.

    Have a great weekend!


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