Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Confessional

TIme once again to confess all, or almost all, or, well, really what you want to confess.  Anyconfessions, go link with Glamazon and get it off your chest.

I confess:
  • I'm thrilled that Nick (and the bank) let us get our new camper--even if he lied about the loan the first time.
  • My laundry is taunting me.
  • It's time to do it and I really lack the motivation to start it.
  • The piles are just sitting there laughing at me.
  • Bruiser is sick and he just wants to be held while he sleeps.
  • I make a lousy mattress.
  • I'm looking forward to having Nick gone this weekend--he's hunting.
  • Also looking forward to refilling the freezer with meat.
  • I'm sort of sad and sort of happy to see summer go.
  • Do you ever hit the end of your day and are just tired of being touched?
  • I'm looking forward to a glass of wine tonight.
Your turn, what do you confess?


  1. My hub has been gone for a couple days...It's been so nice. I can get so much done when he is not here.

  2. I confess that I haven't done laundry in far too long and it has now become it's own ecosystem and I'm afraid to touch it.

    I also confess that, aside from a little bit of cleaning, I haven't done a darn thing this week.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. How can anyone NOT look forward to a glass of wine? LOL

  4. I have been battling Mt. Clothesmore today. I just might get caught up.

    It's no the end of the day, but if I am in the middle of something (computer, housework, etc) I don't need you hanging all over me. I'll sit with you when I'm not in the middle of something.

  5. Laundry is endless, as is dust on the furniture, and both of them cackle as I walk by. At the end of the day, a glass of wine is a must.

    Thank you for visiting my blog; now I've found you, I'll have to visit more often!

  6. Sounds like you need all by yourself kind of day, possibly even a couple of hours. Call a close friend, they will understand and help!

  7. I absolutely love the smell of clean laundry. But just don't want to put it all away. I hope you get a freezer full of meat that would be nice!

  8. I want a glass of wine too seems 3 kids in school? means more paper work. :)

  9. I have too many sins to write them all down but I'd love to join you for that glass of wine!

  10. mmmm..Glass of wine sounds great!! Enjoyed your confession. New Follower!

  11. Being a human mattress stinks. I'm no good at it either.

  12. I cant wait for hunting season here too so we can stock up our freezer!

  13. I may or may not have laundry in the washer and the dyer.

    Every stinking day I don't want to be touched. It comes from being wanted and needed by people all day. Give me space. haha.


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