Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Got the button:

Go see Keely for more random.
Now for mine:
  • It's amazing how fast little boys can start smelling like they need a bath.  Bruiser can smell that way by the time he gets up in the morning, even if he had a bath the night before.  I'm not sure what he does at night but it must involve laps around his crib.
  • Turbo is doing great in second grade.  He loves loves loves his teacher.  Such a relief for us.  Now if we could only get him to learn to ride a bike, things would be great.  Honestly the lid feels about his bike like Calvin used to from Calvin and Hobbes.  Definitely no love lost there.
  • Nick has started swimming in the mornings--three times a week.  He can't run anymore so he needs to do something.  Once he gets back into it things will get better--right now the pool is kicking his butt.  Bruiser gets just a bit older and more self-feeding and I get to start swimming a couple of mornings a week too.  I'm a bit scared at the thought, it's been 8 years at least since I swam for exercise.  Yikes!
  • Back to school is barely over and Halloween is coming onto the radar.  Not quite ready for that one. 
  • It's awful, all week I have things happen and thoughts that I think would be great for Random Tuesday, but they happen when I'm not near the computer or near any thing to write them down.  And I never remember them later, I just remember that I had these great thoughts--not what they were.
OK, go check out the other random, go!


shortmama said...

My oldest is that way with gettin stinky and shes a girl! But hers is because she has super thick hair so her head gets sweaty really easily!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I hate to admit it, but we bought Sprite's Halloween costume a week ago. It was 15.00 and John opened his mouth and said yes way too quickly. He's still learning to tell her no.

The Crazy Coxes said...

I'm glad everyone is too old for official Halloween costumes here. That always caused a lot of stress!

Happy Tuesday

Myya said...

Uggghhh the "kid" smell. I totally know what you are talking about!

Michele said...

I can totally understand why Turbo is not in love with his bike after the weekend that I just had. Good for Nick. Swimming is hopefully less dangerous.

Halloween is my husband's favorite holiday. He's 58. Those boys never grow up.

Momma Fargo said...

Love your randomness! Woot, woot on second grade and swimming!

Julie from Momspective said...

I am terrified of my child's bathroom. It's disgusting. I could set a bleach bomb off in there and within minutes his "boyness" would defeat it.

viewfromdownhere said...

Oh Halloween...I love the fall!

Lourie said...

Halloween is on our minds because it's in stores already. It's crazy.

Why do boys get smelly so fast?

I totally hear ya about thinking of great stuff and not being able to recall it. *sigh*

kyooty said...

I'm trying to ignore the Halloween thing, still haven't started school. The Random dropping of Random memory? yep! I did't even post last week because all the things I had in my brain? disappeared.

Heather said...

I used to love swimming for exercise, but that was decades ago!
Ha! Your thinking about halloween and I was just thinking with a long sigh..only 4 months to get ready for christmas!


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