Friday, August 13, 2010

Spin Cycle-My Wedding--No Bells, No Frills

small cycle

The spin cycle is all about weddings this week.  Most specifically your own wedding.  Since August 8 was Nick and my anniversary,  it is the perfect time to tell about our wedding.

We went with simple and nice, not over the top and crazy.  We were trying to save money all the way around because we figured that we would rather have money for the honeymoon than the wedding.

I did stick with the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. It was my wedding dress. The skirt was old--my mom wore it for her wedding, the top was new--made to my specifications by Mom, the train had blue lace applique over the worn spots, and it was borrowed from my mom.

The dress has had quite the history.  The skirt was in it's fourth wedding when I wore it.  Mom got it from a co-worker in New York in the 1960's.  Mom wore it, a friend of hers wore it and and I wore it for it's fourth wedding.  Got some value out of it.
Mom and Dad.

Blurry, I know but you can get the idea.
The happy couple. 
Sorry for the pic quality.  Don't have any scanned in.
So, our ceremony was quick and simple.  Our colors were dark purple and dark green. We did not decorate the church, I carried a simple arrangement of silk flowers and the bridesmaids--two--carried a couple of silk flowers.  My mom made the vests for the groomsmen and the vest for Nick, and the brides maid's dresses.  So glad my mom is talented with the sewing machine.

Mom walked me down the aisle.  Nick's uncle and his wife sang.  the ceremony was pretty short and sweet.  My only snag was in needing to blow out the taper from the unity candle.  I had my veil down still and was not prepared to blow out the candle from a distance through the veil.  I did it but had a couple of moments of panic about it.

Otherwise the ceremony was a blur.  I was happy no disasters happened.  We then did the receiving line and got lots of "about damn time you kids did this" from Nick's family.  We had only been together for about five and a half years, so I guess they had a point.

Our reception was held at a local hotel and we had the local Mexican restaurant make party trays--very good food and a bit different.  I really don't remember much about the reception--so much stress from the whole day and hoping things go well.  There is one picture of me looking a bit spaced out that I always say looks just like how I felt.  The one incident I do remember is when Nick's cousin was helping to open the champagne for the toast and accidentally sprayed the cake with champagne.  She felt awful but it was funny.

 Later we went to a local hotel to hide enjoy the honeymoon suite.    Another of Nick's cousins worked there and she put roses and a bottle of champagne on ice for us.  We did an overnight there and then we came home and opened our gifts and on Monday we left for our honeymoon in Florida.  I'll tell you about that another time.
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  1. Are you SERIOUSLY not going to show us any pictures????? I have to see the skirt of many uses and I MUST see the veil with lace applique because I just can't picture it.

  2. I would love love love to see pictures!:) It sounds like a lovely wedding.

  3. Oh they are beautiful!! I love that skirt. My Anniversary is coming I'll have to post my pics soon. heheh

  4. It sounds like a lovely ceremony. That dress is beautiful!

  5. Love that your dress had been around the block a few times. Maybe it helped bring you luck :)

  6. Aw. You and your mom looked lovely. Wonderful history that dress has. And Mexican food is a perfect end to any wedding. Yum.


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