Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear Someone

Linking up with Shortmama for her Dear Someone letters today.

Dear Bruiser,
Now that you have figured out how to sleep most of the night, you think you could let daddy put you to bed sometimes, hmmm?  Mommy might not always be there and It would be a great help to let do this one thing with you.  Pretty please?  Kay.
And also, lets keep our feet on the floor.  This climbing up on anything high is going to give mom a heart attack.  Dad is just going to keel over one of these time when he sees you on top of the couch.  I know you're shorter than the rest of us but that's no reason to scale everything in sight.  Let's try to stay a bit closer to the floor.  Mom and Dad would appreciate it lots.
Your worried Momma

Dear Nick,
So glad to have you home!  Missed you so much while you were gone.  Looking forward to my birthday this weekend.  I know you will make it fun!

Dear Turbo,
Let's make this the best year yet at school.  Work hard, get along with your teacher, and have fun.  A positive attitude is the best thing to have for school.  Remember it is your job, make the most of it.  Second grade will rock like kindergarten did.
Rooting for you,


  1. My girls always want me to be the one to take them to bed too. But when Levi is home on weekends I make him take them anyway. Its good for everyone..the girls get those last couple of minutes of goodnights with their daddy since he is gone all week, and I get a little relief from at least one duty!

  2. Cute letters! THe climbing, seriously why are they so interested in it geesh! On the rare occcassion that Sammer is home when the girls go to bed I make him do it. It took a little getting used to for them, but now it is a special treat. Ohhh & such a nice relief for me :)


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