Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random Tuesday-The Non Blogher edition


Time to random it up again.  Keely is having the get together at her place so go link up.  They are all talking about Blogher but they would love to see you anyway.

We tried something new with Bruiser this weekend.  Nick and I left for an overnight.  My mom put him down for his nap and to bed at night.  He was not impressed with the change in his routine.  We have decided that Nick should try putting him to bed sometimes just so he is used to someone different putting him in bed.  It's not going over so well.  Man that kid is stubborn.  And Nick is a pushover.  He can not stand to hear the kid cry.

Bruiser has learned to say "boom" when fist bumping with Nick and blowing it up.  It comes out a bit garbled but you can tell he means boom.  It's cute.

Bruiser has also learned to identify his nose, my nose, dad's nose and Turbo's nose.  However the dog evidently does not have a nose, or at least Bruiser does not know what a dog nose is.

Turbo has become scary good at the Lego video games.   He still like the real Legos and Knex.  Knex are like the Tinker toys of today.  I had Tinker toys when I was a kid but they were way more frustrating than the knex are.  Kids these days get the coolest toys.

We are going wood hunting this weekend.  We use the wood stove to supplement the furnace in the winter.  Therefore we must have wood, so we are going hunting.  We are pretty sure to fill our permits--trees are slow and they don't hide all that well.

I am looking forward to the Bones season opener this fall. Ack--can it bee almost fall already?  Yep--round here fall starts September first--no matter what the calendar says.  It's already cooling off in the mornings--I almost need a jacket.  Still hitting the 80's in the afternoons though--unless it rains.

OK, go put your random up for all to see and link at Keely's place.


  1. You are right, it does feel like the weather is cooling off and heading to that "fallish" feel. Can you smell it? here you can smell the fall.

  2. Bruiser is at the cute scary stage. One minutes they are so adorable they are scary the next they are just plain scary. He knows what he wants, when he wants it, and who he wants to give it to him. See scary.

    If you could send some cold down here that'd be good. It was 85 when I got in my car at 6:30 this am.

  3. I can't wait until fall either. It would be nice to not have to sweat while walking to my car. :-)

  4. OMG where do you live? I'm moving!! Today the heat index was 102 here in south Texas.

    Sometimes it is just so sad to watch kids try to adjust to change. My grandson likes things the way HE likes them and will throw a blood curdling show down for all the neighborhood to hear, till you give up so the cops aren't called.

  5. I do the blowing up with my girls. My middle one (almost 3) says "PooooooM" totally cracks me up! I agree with the kids toys... heck in just the few years I've started having kids with each one something newer & cooler has been invented. WHY can't I be the one racking in the moola for some of these things DUH!

  6. 80s in the day time! So jealous! Its already 92 here! At 930 in the morning!

  7. Bones is the next show I want to collect all the seasons of. I have the first one but haven't seen any beyond that, but I liked what I've seen so far.


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