Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Confessional

Time to confess all, or some of it, or really what I can remember.  Glamazon is hosting this little party,so go confess and link up with her.

I confess:
  • I'm super happy about Turbo going to visit family this weekend.
  • I'm super happy he goes back to school Monday.
  • I also kind of sad that summer vacation is over, it went by way too quick.
  • I get older this weekend--Sunday to be exact.
  • 37 is beautiful--right?  Right?!
  • I only feel 30 at most.
  • I wonder who the adult in the mirror is some days.
  • I sure don't feel grown up.
  • I'm ridiculously guilty thrilled that Nick swept and mopped the kitchen and bathroom yesterday.
  • I'm hoping we have enough money to get me a netbook for my birthday.
  • I left the clean sheets in the dryer.  They've been there for a week now. 
  • But my towels are folded.
  • And still in the basket.
I think that's all I can remember to confess for now.  Go link with Glamazon and confess all, or maybe just a little bit--what ever works for you.


  1. If fifty is the new thirty, then you're still in your teens or something. :)

    And I have a lot of clothes to fold. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Ah yes. I'm right there with ya on the getting older bit. I look around and think I'm WAY too young to have two kids! Seriously!? But have a wonderful birthday! I'm with Bethany, so here's to your teenage years! :)

  3. My girls clothes are still sitting in the laundry basket....clean and unfolded and been there all week

  4. Hope you have a fabulous birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! 37 rocks, but I need someone to tell me that 38 rocks too? And you look 30, or atleast what I think 30 looks like.

  6. love this! Stopped here because of your blog title! Totally worth the pit stop. Have a great weekend!

  7. I have a load of jeans and such in the dryer. I can't remember how long they have been there.

    I will be 40 next month. Not sure when that happened. But yeah, I know about looking in the mirror and wondering who that old lady is.

  8. Well well, happy birthday tomorrow. Thanks for the comment, it's always lovely to read about new peeps!

  9. do you manage to leave your sheets in the dryer for a week? LOL I use my washer and dryer entirely too much. I'm jealous!

  10. I wish mine was going back to school on Monday, she's making me CRAZY!!

    Happy Belated Birthday! 37 is still way young. Totally understand that 'who is the adult in the mirror?' thing. I turned 38 last month and don't feel near that age.

    I got a netbook for Christmas last year and I love it, I hope you get one too.

  11. So, I just noticed this post, on things I might be interested in from today's post..I notice it's from 2010...and the button is different and just glamazon...I haven't been around that long but I'm interested to know how that began...did glamazon host friday confessionals first and then mamarazzi?? Confused and nosey


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