Friday, August 6, 2010

Spin Cycle--Old Wives Tales

Jen of Sprite's Keeper gave us old wives tales for the Spin Cycle this week.  Well we aren't terribly superstitious but there are some things that do ring true for us.

I have heard the superstitions all my life--step on a crack and break your mother's back, don't open an umbrella in the house, ladybugs are good luck, I spent hours looking through the clover for one with four leaves, and lots of other little superstitions that kids pass around. Mostly I've outgrown them but the threes thing still sticks with us.

Things go wrong in threes.  We do find that for us things do go bad in threes.  Things go right in threes too.  We will often go looking for the third thing if a couple of things have gone wrong.  Just to show the bad luck is over.  This spring things went wrong in threes a couple of times for us.  First, Nick's ankle got hurt, then Bruiser hit his head, then my back went out.  Next the water heater broke, the fridge broke, and Nick's truck needed to be fixed..  We did finally figure out why everything went wrong--we are finishing our thirteenth year in our house.  Thirteen is definitely not lucky for us. And yeah we are not big fans of the number thirteen.

As for "old wives tales" I did not hear too many with either of my pregnancies.  Mom had things we supposed to do to improve odds for a girl the second time around--I didn't do any of them, obviously.  Things like certain positions and things I was supposed to eat and things Nick was supposed to eat.  I neglected to mention we were working on the project to make Bruiser until after we made him--just to avoid hearing any more detailed ways to improve our odds of a girl.

I don't often remember to throw salt over my shoulder, but I often heard that if your ears burned, someone was talking about you.  Black cats have not been particularly unlucky but I do try not to walk under ladders--mostly to avoid getting things dropped on me.  (Superstitions can be practical too.)

Go see Jen for more spins on old wives tales and superstitions.


  1. I agree things always seem to happen in 3s. We always talk about the rule of 3s when it comes to celebrity deaths too. And it always seems to be the case. Good spin!

  2. Yep, that three thing is a biggie in our neck of the woods too. The day we found out about my grandfather passing away, our neighbor had a fatal heart attack while cutting his lawn. We kept thinking someone else was going to go too.
    You're linked!

  3. Now every time one bad thing happens, I'm going to be paranoid until two more come along! :)

  4. The threes is something I have always noticed, too.


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