Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday, Monday

Well, what a weekend. Nick and I knocked out the bulk of our kid shopping for Christmas. Now I just have to wrap what we are giving Turbo and what Santa is giving Turbo--in different paper of course. Bruiser is also getting a visit from the jolly guy in red. I need to take Turbo shopping for his dad's gift and let him choose something for Bruiser. We need to hit the local chocolate shop for the obligatory treats--I love turtles, truffles, and jelly bellies. There may be the odd stocking stuffer to pick up, but my shopping is mostly done. Nick is another story. He still needs to shop for whatever he decides to get for me. Typical last minute guy shopper.

Next weekend I will be making cookies with Turbo. I will be posting a cookie recipe when I decide which one we will be making. Maybe candy cane cookies-Turbo likes to help with rolling those out.

I still have not done the cards. I got a 24 hour bug on Sunday and couldn't move off the couch. Feeling better now, but the stuffiness is running around our house right now. Everyone is sniffing and running at the nose. It's kind of gross around here but hopefully we get it out of our system before Christmas.

And finally some pictures:

Aren't we a cute couple?

Brotherly love.

The proud graduate and his family.
(This one might go out in the Christmas cards, its the best one of the whole family.)

In other news I won an award from Leigh over at Leigh vs. Laundry. Go check out her blog, she's pretty funny at Leigh vs. Laundry.


  1. What beautiful photos of you and your family! Now go get those cards done before it's too late!!! Looking forward to the cookie recipe!

  2. Great family pics. Cards, UGH. I con the hubby into doing them every year. After 26 years he now thinks of it as his job. Works for me.

    Thanks for visiting the blog today.

  3. What lovely photos. Fun week with recipes on the Spin Cycle, yes?


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