Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Random things


It's Tuesday and time to empty the random thoughts out of my head. Really, my head needs emptying cause its full. I'm all stuffed up and snuffly. I feel like my head is packed in cotton. Not a fun way to pass the time.

With the holidays upon us we are now gifted with the holiday commercials. Some are entertaining and some are dull. Some are just plain weird. My favorite one has got to be the Progressive one where Santa is insurance shopping and Flo calls out "I like cashmere socks!" at the end. Something about it makes me smile.

Anyone want an opinionated six year old? I swear that Turbo is six going on sixteen. He throws such fits sometimes if things don't go just the way he thinks they should. On the other hand he can be really sweet, it balances out but there are times when I'd happily give him to the circus if the offer came(I'm safe knowing that the offer won't come of course).

Bruiser has decided that anything I am eating is his too. He yells and screeches until he gets a bite. If we are in the living room and he is roaming free, he will stand at my knees and squawk for his share. If it is not forth coming, chomp on momy's knees and see if that gets results. he has bitten my knees several times lobbying for his share. He has even bitten Nick's knees to get a bite of what we are having. This from the kid who doesn't like most baby food. He also squawks at the dinner table for his share but there he is contained in his high chair. He still demands his share but he can't bite us for it.

I hate the wind. It's blowing here like crazy and it's cold. I much prefer snow-it's pretier to look at and be in if you have to. However, we get lots of wind here. I should be used to it but I don't have to like it.

Oh boy, the stuffiness is taking over my brain. I think I'll go now and hope things improve. Head over to Keely at the Unmom for more random things for this Tuesday.


  1. My six year old has taken to pitching fits when things don't go his way. The most surprising was last week when I made a sausage rice casserole that didn't appeal to him, one look at it on his plate and he literally dropped to the floor in a rage. When's the circus coming to town again. ;)

    Happy Tuesday. Feel better soon.

  2. My daughter was like that at 6 too :)

    Have a great day!


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