Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas milk and other random things...

OK, so It's Tuesday and time to let everyone in on my random thoughts.

Pink Eye is gross. Turbo has an impressive case of Pink Eye. The doctor was even impressed. I think its yucky how much crust an eye can create. It's almost as bad as the green goo that Turbo produced when he was sick with the flu last January. Almost. I think the Pink eye wins.

Hoping for more snow soon. Things are looking depressingly brown and icy. I prefer the white of the snow. It makes me feel cozy and safe in my house. I also feel like cooking soups and stews and chili and warm things like that. So I am hoping for snow this week.

Is it just me or are Funyons wildly addictive? I'm not that fond of onions but I love Funyons. Nick thinks I'm weird cause of this. OK, so he thinks I'm weird for a lot of things but he always looks at me funny when I get Funyons.

Moving on, It's egg nog time. Although in our house it's known as Christmas Milk. This is what Turbo has called it since he could talk. It will probably always be known as Christmas Milk now. It works for us.

I don't like shopping for my mother for Christmas. She is at that age where she needs nothing and wants nothing(except really expensive things that are out of our reach). If she finds something she wants she gets it and I feel like it's a cop out to get her a gift card. Oh well, we'll think of something.

Well that's about it my head is empty so head on over to Keely and check out the other randomness happening this week.


  1. We are suppose to encounter our first snow this Thursday. It's actually late this year.
    Have a great RTT!

  2. I had pink eye a few years back. Awful, I couldn't be seen in public.

    Hope you get your snow soon. Although now I'm in the mood for stew and Christmas milk. ;)

  3. Mmmm, pink eye. Fun stuff.

    Christmas milk, huh? Now I'm wondering if LG would like it. We'll have to try it tonight.

    Funyuns are a once in a while snack for me. I like them in moderation.

  4. I hate pink eye. I got 3 times last time I was pregnant.

  5. Pink eye...UGH. I hope we never get it in this house!

    Christmas milk..that sounds much better.


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