Friday, December 11, 2009

A little of this and a little of that...

Hey, hey, hey it Friday! Nick's favorite day of the week, cause we get paid for it and it's the end of the week. the weekend is in view. Turbo should be at Grandma's tonight so we just have Bruiser. Tomorrow we are heading out of town to go shopping for Turbo. We are going with some friends so good times are expected.

We are finally escaping the deep freeze--temps should reach above 20 degrees. we really have a winter wonderland going on here. It's pretty but I could do without the extended below zero temps.

Can I just go on record as stating that I hate doing dishes. I can hunt up every dirty dish in sight and get them all done and not five minutes later the sink is full again. I swear the dishes mate in the dark. No matter what I do the sink is always full of dirty dishes. Maybe paper is the way to go, hard to cook in though.

I have chosen the Christmas picture of the family that will go in our cards, I just need to print them off. Then address cards and write a letter and get them in the mail. Um--maybe Sunday. I procrastinate on this one all the time. One year we sent new year cards--hey it was still the holidays right?

Here's hoping that your Friday goes well.


  1. Oh you need to ask Santa for a dishwasher. I'd go nuts if I had to do all the dishes around here by hand. It's all I can do to keep the counters cleared off!

  2. I'm kind of hoping my cards will write themselves...


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