Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random on Tuesday

It's time to get the randomness out and show it to everyone. Here goes.

When you’re only two feet from the floor it’s easier to find those things on it that will give Mommy a heart attack if you try to eat them. Put all of them in your mouth anyway and cry in rage when Mommy digs it out. Repeat.

If you are older than your brother--and he is just a baby--tease him with small toys just to hear him yell when you take it away. This has the added bonus of making Mommy crazy. Repeat.

When Mommy is totally at the end of her rope do something cute like help your brother ride his new toy and point out when baby brother tries to stand and succeeds for a few seconds. This will make Mommy sane again.

The above has been repeated over and over again the last few days. I’m not sure who will crack first—Probably Mommy.

Still no cards done—I think that this year it’s going to be New Year’s cards. Sigh.

There is no way to tell kids to play with balls that does not sound slightly naughty. Turbo got Bruiser a ball maze for Christmas and Turbo plays with it more than Bruiser does. He keeps hogging the balls so–I can’t believe I said this to Turbo—They’re his balls, let him play with them. Then I realized what I said. Nick laughed at me. The trials of living with boys.

Not looking forward to taking down the tree. It’s a chore I don’t enjoy. This year it’s harder cause we have the fake tree. I’ll get to it sometime next weekend.

So Nick’s cousin had a Wii at Christmas and we got to play with it. Nick thought it was really cool. We will be getting one soon. Even Turbo was able to play it. We are slowly catching up with technology.

Since I am home this week I am getting way to much day time TV. Man there is some weird stuff on during the day.

And Bruiser is teething again. He fights each and every tooth. Makes him miserable and clingy. I feel like I have a growth that wiggles to much. It's either that or listen to the crying that sounds like he lost his best friend, even though I am just in the next room. Come on tooth, just bust on through already.

Well that seems like enough random for today. Head on over to
Keely's a d check out the other randomness on the web today.


  1. I was looking forward to taking things down too.

    Have a great Tuesday.

  2. You need a baby break! And our friends son is teasing their new baby too...hopefully that stops soon..but then again, my older brother taunted me for a decade.

  3. Oh I'm so glad my tree is down. I just couldn't tolerate the stray needles any longer and the way that thing shed on its way out the door, well another week in the house and we would have had nothing standing but the bare trunk and branches!

  4. I'm almost done with the de-decorating. We have a Wii but I haven't had any time to play it while we've been home.


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