Monday, December 21, 2009

Loss of Motivation

Four days til Christmas and I still have not gotten cards done, baking done or all the presents wrapped. I haven't gotten a newsletter done for said cards or pictures printed to go in those cards. I really can't seem to get myself in gear. Christmas is all around us but I'm not feeling it yet. Not really.

I have my shopping done but I know Nick doesn't. Turbo is excited and counting presents under the tree at our house and the grandparents--he's at 17, not bad for a six year old. Bruiser doesn't have much under our tree but then he will be more interested in the boxes and wrapping paper than anything else. I have stuff for Nick but need to wrap it.

And the baking thing. Well let's just say that this weekend was about the New Mexico Bowl game(which Wyoming won-woot!) and not so much me in the kitchen making goodies. Hopefully tonight wonderful things will start to come out of my kitchen. I mean I have all the stuff, I just have to put it together. Unfortunately, the elves aren't helping there.

The high light of my weekend was when I had to run to the store for garbage bags and when I got home Nick had done the dishes for me. Sometime he surprises me that way. And how sad is that the the high point is not having to do dishes myself?

Oh well, maybe the Christmas feeling will hit soon and I will feel more in keeping with the season. For now I will put on the happy face and go with the flow. And hope my motivation come back from the vacation it seems to be on--I hope it has been enjoying itself.


  1. I think that Christmas cheer has disappeared for a lot of us, bet it's all hanging out together somewhere having a great laugh!

    Actually, I'm starting to get excited about watching our 3 1/2 year old open presents, this is really the first year she has caught on and will enjoy the presents more than the boxes they come in!

    As for getting any help, I've given up on that ages ago Lol!

  2. We are going so cruz on Christmas this year. No tree, little decor, small gifts. But the non stress is worth it.


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