Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Random Tuesday


Well time for more randomness associated with Keely at the Unmom. If you want more randomness just click the button above.

I am new to this blogging thing and I am thrilled that I got the button thing to work. I'm totally non tech savvy, so I'm happy I figured it out.

Moving on, we have snow here to go with our very cold temperatures. Not as much as some places but the four inches we have gotten this morning thrilled Turbo to no end. He got up and saw it snowing and immediately started hoping for a snow day. No such luck but at least they have indoor recess.

We cheated this year and did the pre-lit artificial tree. We usually get a real tree from the mountains but the logistics of a real tree and a crawling, pulling up ten month old just seemed a bit too much. The tree is pretty but only has white lights that are on steady. I'm used to twinkling colored lights and this one just seems a bit flat. Next year we will be doing the real thing again.

Our collie mix dog(who is mostly black with a bit of white on his belly and legs) turns white when he goes out in heavy falling snow. Of course he can turn white even when it is not snowing cause he loves to roll in the snow on our backyard deck. I can always tell when he has rolled by the telltale bits of snow clinging to him. Also, he spend a longer time outside when he rolls. He suffers from separation anxiety and is there fore the fastest pee in the west. We can let him out and he is done and ready to come in before we can sit down again.

Well my brain is empty so head over to Keely's, you won't regret it, maybe, I don't know.


  1. I think I'd rather opt out on a tree than go artificial. We bundled o up in a carrier and put LG in a wagon with our niece to go get our tree this year. It took about 10 times as long as we would have liked, but the pictures are adorable!

    Am I reading right? Your collie doesn't like snow? Ours used to love it! How weird.

  2. I love twinkling lights too. My parents used to have blinker lights and also bought a plug that you can use to blink those that don't. One year I connected the plug to the blinker lights and everything was blinking. I thought it was cool— my parent's did not.

    Thanks for your randomness,

  3. Hi Vandy, we just had our first dusting of snow on the weekend. Oh those pre-lit trees, I'm so jealous, we use a farmed tree each year so I fight with needles and sap trying to run the lights. It's always worth it when it's fully decorated though, even if only for a couple of weeks.

    BTW, I mailed out your pretty earrings today. Hope you love them!!!

  4. Actually our collie loves to roll in the snow. He gets sad when the snow gets too icy. What he hates is being away from us so he goes really quick when he goes out.

  5. We've been debating getting an artificial tree. I love the smell of the real thing, but a fake one just seems easier. Pre-lit, come on. It sells itself.

    My dog loves to roll in the grass. It's as close as he'll ever get to rolling in snow.


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