Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shopping Bug

The shopping season is upon us. It comes with the rest of the season's joys.

I tend to start collecting things about August or September. But Nick and I do the heavy shopping on a weekend between now and Christmas. I like to shop but usually have to drag Nick kicking and screaming to the stores.

Nick does the rest of his shopping the weekend before Christmas unless he is making things(he's pretty handy--I'm hoping for a cutting board that he's has been promising for a couple of years now). He's really a typical guy and will wander around like the other guys hoping the perfect gift will smack him in the face. I give him a list of suggestions but there are times when he needs more directions.

I'll take Turbo to shop for Dad and Bruiser in the next couple of weeks and then, except for stocking stuffers, we'll be mostly done. We do have to think about the grandparents but they always want just simple stuff or "nothing really" which of course means something really.

We intend to have small stuff for Bruiser cause, really, he doesn't get it and the boxes will hold more allure for him. Turbo gets three or four things-some from Santa and some from us. At six he's all about how many presents are under the tree, how many are his and not necessarily their content. Now all I have to do is get the letter to Santa figured out.


  1. I love holiday shopping too, but w/my wee ones I do most online these days.

  2. Ugh, everyone is ahead me of me shopping-wise. I'm such a slacker...


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