Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Oh, Tuesday

Let's random up the joint!
  • What is it with boys and hanging out in their underwear?  It's cute at 3.  Not so cute at 12. I can give ground on the shirt, they are boys after all, but I demand that they at least put on shorts.  They can even run around in underwear in their rooms, but not all over the house. A small bit of decorum should be observed.
  • This is so true:

  • Looking forward to a hot fun weekend at the lake, but I think we are not going to be camping.  The lake is like 25 minutes from town, But tends to have winds.  With a pop-up, wind is a not so good thing.  Bruiser has never seen a fireworks show either.  We always go camping or are out of town, so we thought we'd try to make the show this year.
  • The mosquitoes are vicious right now so:

  • Chocolate muffins are really just chocolate cake in disguise.
  • In honor of the sunburn I got this weekend, food (or drink) for thought:

Have a great week!
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  1. Some people just never grow up:)

  2. I am dying laughing because my 10 year old son literally just walked through the kitchen where I am sitting, buck naked..... holding his neatly folded housecoat over his arm.
    Why are you naked!?
    I'm taking a shower.
    *pointed stare* you've got your housecoat...???
    *eyeroll* duh, of course...for when I get out of the shower mom.

    what were you saying about common sense? LOL

  3. Princess Nagger used to be affectionately called "Underwear Girl" - luckily at 12 she's opted to be fully clothed (but that was after I nagged her into it). ;) And yes, common sense definitely doesn't grow in everyone's garden! :)

    Have fun watching fireworks this weekend! Looks like we might miss out on fireworks this year, unfortunately. I'll have to live vicariously through you should you take any pics to share later! ;)

    I hate mosquitoes. That is all. :)

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