Monday, June 15, 2015

Back At It--Monday

This last weekend was fun and just busy enough to be good without being exhausting. Just what a weekend should be.
Friday was a do nothing night for us because my neck/shoulder decided that is hated me. I spent the evening with ice, Aleve and the e-stim Nick has trying to get my head to turn again. Fun times.
By Saturday I was feeling better.  We did yard stuff and set up the camper so we could get it ready to take up camping. I went to a local concert with a friend that evening.  We got to hear some good music and it was fun to get out.
Sunday Nick went to Curt Gowdy State Park and went through their outdoor archery course.  He didn't lose or break any arrows and he was satisfied with his shooting. After he got home we loaded up the dogs and kids and headed to the mountains to scout a camping sight for next weekend.  It's Father's day, but also Nick's birthday so we are going camping, somewhere.
Then we came home and did the lazy thing. It was a good weekend.

Now for MMMM:
Freebie Week so here's a song from one fo the bands we saw this weekend:
Patti Fiasco with You Break it You Buy It:

Just for fun, Brad Paisley with Crushin' It:


  1. I hadn't heard that first song before. Good one. And thanks for reminding me that Father's Day is soon!

  2. These are both new to me there girlfriend! You rocked the house!!! Way ta go! Thanks for joining us and great boogie!

  3. Both new to me too I enjoyed them :-)
    Have a musictastic week :-)

  4. New to me too. I love Brad Paisley's vids, they are just so different and fun!

  5. I hope your neck/shoulder heal soon.
    Thanks for sharing your music.
    Have a fun week!


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