Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Random-like Tuesday

Well, the camper is still in the mountains.  Broken.  But with any luck we will be able to retrieve it this afternoon.  It has become far more involved than we thought it would be.
Now for some random fun:
  • These would give me nightmares:
  • My kids would hate them too.
  • But reading the paper associated with it would be awesome:
  • We have been investing in batteries.

  •  And I think I'll leave off with this:
Have a great week and may it go by quickly!
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  1. It is never too early to look forward to Friday. The end of the week is a great motivator!

  2. oh I could not sleep with that blanket!! or in that room!
    why... why would you do that!? LOL

    I guess too each his/her own.
    Amen about the kids toys. With our first, we didn't teach him about batteries.. so once the toy "died" it really died. haha he caught on pretty quick though, and then made sure and tell his younger sisters.

    never too early to think about Friday :)


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