Monday, June 22, 2015

What a Weekend

Yeah, so this last weekend was great but nothing like we thought it would be going into it.
To start off, we thought we would go camping.  Nick's birthday was Sunday and with Father's Day and all, Nick wanted to go camping. And then...
You see that there...with the piece of metal hanging down?  Not supposed to look like that.  It means the tongue of our camper broke. So no camping for us.
After getting it unhooked from the truck, we secured what we could and headed home to call the insurance company for help in towing the silly thing to a welding shop so it can be fixed.
So what to do with the rest of the weekend?  Go get another sit on top Kayak of course.  And then spend Sunday at one of the local lakes playing in the water.
This was last year, but yesterday was pretty similar.

We added a second green one.
Nick had a wonderful birthday.  I got him a Guitar tabs music book and a Sons of Anarchy hoodie.  He was pretty ahppy with his birthday, even if it wasn't spent quite the way he thought it would be.

Now for MMMM.  This week's theme is songs with water in the title or in the song.

Brad Paisley with River Bank:

Craig Morgan with Redneck Yacht Club:
Toby Keith with God Love Her:


  1. Very nice choices. I had to turn up my secrets... you've definitely rocked the house girlfriend! Thanks for joinin' us! Have a rockin' weekend! HUGS

  2. I hope you get your camper fixed soon.
    Glad you had other options of fun though.

    Thanks for sharing with us this music.
    Hope you had a great week!
    Sorry I'm late.


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