Monday, June 1, 2015

OH, Monday!

So it's the first day that my boys didn't have to get up for school.  I truly thought they would sleep in and enjoy the fact that they weren't required to be up and at 'em first thing.  However, both boys were up by 7 and playing on Turbo's new computer.  I will never understand those kids.
We had a beautiful weekend.  The weather was fantastic.  We finally got some sunshine and warm temps. So we smoked a bunch of meat--beef short ribs, baby back ribs and a chicken--and thoroughly enjoyed the good weather doing a bit of yard work and such.
We lazed around Sunday and it was glorious. This weekend was a wonderful way to start the summer off.

And now on to MMMM.  It's a freebie week so here ya go:
Joe Diffie with Third Rock from the Sun:

Frankie Ballard with Young and Crazy:
Blake Shelton with Sangria:
This last one has been stuck in my head all weekend.  Maybe this will eradicate it.  But probably not.


  1. Ha, good song choices today. My son still had school today but then he's done. Ugh.

  2. I enjoyed your choices this week :-)

    Have a funtastic day

  3. I totally agree with everyone. Great choices and I'm thoroughly enjoying them. Blake Shelton is always a favorite of mine. Thanks for sharing and playing along with us. :)

  4. Three more weeks of school left here - but it's a trade-off, since they don't start back again until September 8th. ;) I suspect there will be earlier mornings once their summer break starts. Funny how that works!

    I've gotta get my smoker going - the weather has been awesome here, too - enjoyed burgers on the grill yesterday. :)

    Love your song choices! I've had Sangria stuck in my head lately, too, but I love it so that's OK. :)

    No Tomatoes Here! just a Good Girl who Smoke When I Drink, Only Prettier – This One’s For The Girls!

  5. Ugg, another week of school for us. Love your song choices.


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