Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Random Time

Yeah, so here's Tuesday and I'm oh, so glad it's not Monday any more.  Now let's get to the random:
  • And insomnia has come to visit once again.  I was doing so well with the sleeping thing--once I went to sleep, I stayed asleep.  I could, of course, gone to sleep earlier, but I was at least sleeping.  The last couple of nights, not so much. Stupid 3 am.  It really doesn't need my company.

  • Nick has a birthday coming up.  This year it happens to coincide with Father's day.  So we get to double up on the gifty things.  He keeps making noises about going camping, but we shall see what we get accomplished.
  • I was shocked, but enchanted:
  • Really, go Google it. Be surprised too.
Have a great week!
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1 comment:

  1. not what I was expecting for Scotland. I was thinking Lion or Buck.


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