Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday and It's Randomish

Hey all!  Must say that I'm thrilled it's not Monday any more.  Not that yesterday was that bad, but still--Monday. So, let's Random:
  • And it is oh, so nice that the weather has decided to warm up. I was so getting over the snow.  Now it is just thunderstorms.  The dog is unhappy with the storms, but you can't please everyone.
  • We have flowers:

  • We have tons more work to do but it's nice to see flowers after all the cold and wet we had that last month.
  • This:
  • And then I saw this and really wanted it:
  • The only issue would be emptying the thing.  Ewww!
 So have a great week everyone!
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  1. Yes, we've been having lots of afternoon storms and I am over them!

  2. Yay for flowers! It's always nice to see new signs of life in glorious colors. Here's hoping the storms pass soon so you can enjoy some beautiful weather along with those beautiful colors. ;)

    YES - we need those weekend buttons. And YES - the bug vacuum is genius (though I'm with you, emptying it wouldn't be fun). :)

    Princess Nagger Awarded; Rock Balancing in Boulder; DIY Fun with Coffee Chat and RTT Rebel

  3. Yes! flowers have arrived! it's amazing something so simple makes me so happy.
    like those weekend buttons would too. :)
    Ha - I could have used that bug vacuum tonight when the spider crawled down the dining room wall, and all my brave children fled the room. it was okay though - the cat jumped up and got it in the end. LOL


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