Friday, June 26, 2015

Confess It All Friday

Happy Dance everyone!  It's Friday! Whoop whoop!
Alright now that that's over let's confess so the weekend goes well, shall we?

  • There was a suicidal spider in the shower this morning.
  • OK, so it was an assisted suicide.
  • Death by drowning.
  • At least I didn't scream.
  • We took the fun way to work this morning.
  • Rode the Four Wheeler.
  • Ignored the strange looks and double takes completely.
  • Contemplating playing hooky to go swimming this afternoon.
  • Swimming holds tons more appeal.
  • Especially because we get to meet friends there.
  •  Allergies have been kicking our butts here.
  • I really wish the plants would restrain themselves.
  • Their attempts at procreation in our noses are not appreciated.

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