Monday, January 26, 2015

Yeah, Monday

I can work with that.  Only 4 days until Friday.  OR only five days until Bruiser's birthday party. A number (as yet to be determined) of 5-6 year olds.  We finally decided to do an art party.  Which means painting, playdough. and other creative (messy) pursuits. Nick and I may be blithering idiots by Saturday night, but hey, the kids should have fun.  I hope.
This last weekend was another pretty quiet one for us.  We didn't do much and it was nice.  We did make a mean batch of green chili. I got to read a lot.  The boys hung out in the attic and it was an all around lazy weekend. I like having those.

So on to MMMM.  Freebie week and well, here's what I got for you this week:
Miranda Lambert with Only Prettier:

Lady Antebellum with Downtown:

Have a good Monday!


  1. Glad you had a good weekend and got to read! I need time to read :)
    Thanks for the rocking tunes!

  2. Lazy weekends are awesome. We all need more of them!

    I've never heard of those two songs, but they've got pretty good beats! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I need to have a do-nothing weekend. I better schedule that...heh! Glad you had a great one, and I'm not jealous of the upcoming birthday fun - though I am really looking forward to seeing how fun it turns out for the kids, in spite of the possibility of you and Nick being pretty much brain dead at the end. ;)

    LOVE your song choices - but then you know that already, since they're some of my favorites. In other words, you have great taste! :) Have a great week - and good luck this weekend! :)

    I Lived and i’ll Pray For You because i’m at the Bathroom Sink and Crushin’ It!

  4. Great song choices. I'm huge Lady A fan and Downtown is one of my favorites by them.

  5. It's nice having a lazy maybe a little crazy (with the bday party) weekend. We didn't do much, either, and I hope this one is another repeater. I'm gearing up for the Super Bowl. The Patriots against the Seahawks. I hope it'll be an interesting game and not lopsided in score. I like both teams, but I'll probably root for the Patriots. Sorry for dancing so late with you this week. Life is a bit unsettled for me right now thinking often about the fate of DH's job today. Will he get a reprieve or is will this be it? Say a prayer that his boss is able to squeeze him in on a new project they just got in. It's not a big job, but maybe it'll be enough to keep all the guys employed while other work filters into the office. Thanks & have a good weekend!


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