Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Random for Tuesday

Well, here we are at another Tuesday.  It's a good thing Tuesdays are random because a whole coherent post is probably not going to happen. So let's do this random style:
  • Sleep.  Such a simple thing and yet so hard to do sometimes.  I really hate how familiar insomnia is around our house.

  • Cabin fever is setting in.  This weekend is busy enough that we should be able to bust some of the fever, but I'm thinking we need a trip out of town soon to give us a change of pace.
  • This sums up how I feel during the weekly grocery shopping:
  •  I would love to have it snow.  We have ice right now.  Lots and lots of ice.  The university is busting up ice in the gutters.  4+ inches of ice in some places.  The sound of the back hoe scraping at the ice is as bad as fingernails on a chalk board.  And I just realized that my kids will never know what that sounds like. They have white boards now. No more chalk boards.
  • So what is everyone doing for the Superbowl?  We will be enjoying sliders, chips and salsa and cheese dip and veggie munchies.  Appetizers and snack foods for the game.  With good friends of course!
  • The art birthday party is coming along.  We plan to have one or two craft projects for the kids to do and then cupcake decorating.  Yes, mess in the making, but it should be fun.  I hate planning these things, but they usually come off pretty well. Wish us luck.
So there you have it, my random for the week.  Have a great Tuesday and random it up with Stacy.


  1. I have always wanted to have an art themed party; I think we may need to plan one here. We are having junk food for the Superbowl because it has become a tradition. So lots of chips and cheese dip and candy. :)

  2. We are off to my sisters for the big game. Lots of trash talking, chips and pop/soda.


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