Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Random Tuesday---Procrasination

Yep.  Procrastination is the name of the game for this last weekend.  I did nothing in a timely manner. Except get Turbo to his bus for his meet at an ungodly hour.  4:30am to be exact. Ugh.  Saturday was a total bust productive wise for me.
  • Yeah, so Turbo went to his first ski meet.  In a town 4 hours away.  They left at 5:00am Saturday morning. I got to make two trips to the Junior High cause Turbo forgot his phine at home.  At least I tried to be a nice mom and send him a good luck text and in the process discovered his phone sitting on the table.  
  • And after that, I was cold, tired and just trying to get back to sleep.  It really blew my motivation out of the water. I did nothing I should have that day, like start laundry, do dishes, cook...

  • Actually all we really accomplished was going to a game night at a friends house.  Cards Against Humanity was played to great laughter.
  • Sunday was better.  I got a majority of the laundry washed and dried (folding came later). I did dishes, and then we rounded up the troops to go watch the Packers and Seahawks play.  Nail biting game if there ever was one. We also watched the Patriots stomp all over the Colts. The Superbowl could be an interesting game.  I'm not really rooting for any side in particular.  We were more Packers fans. I am hoping for a good game though.  And good commercials...
  • Monday we had a holiday.  One of the few our university takes. I finished the laundry--the dreaded folding and putting away part.  I do have towels and sheets to wash, but that I can manage tonight.  I also grocery shopped.  Yep, overall a relatively unproductive weekend.
  • We just might have a handle on the activity for Bruiser's birthday.  Bowling. He's not wildly enthusiastic, but we think it will be fun (and funny) to have 5 and 6 year olds bowl.
So there you have it, my random for the week.  Have a great Tuesday and random it up with Stacy.


  1. Wish I'd had a holiday Monday! Teacher's professional development day. So not fair. I love the Cards Against Humanity game! It's great! I've played it twice, once with my nephew and step-daughter. Thank goodness they were young adults. Can't imagine playing it with my son and daughter who are only 18. That would be awkward! Have a great week!

  2. Being Canadian I didn't officially have a holiday Monday, but I was pretty lazy still. I wasn't trying to procrastinate, I just wanted to get rid of my darn cold once and for all. So yeah, I saw little more than my bed during the hours the kids were at school.
    and I must have needed it because I felt so much better after.
    Should be a good game -- I guess since I am closest to the New England area, I'll be cheering for the Pats. I have a friend in Boston, she'd probably disown me if I didn't. LOL

  3. I'm always amazed how some days, I can literally accomplish nothing. How can that many hours pass and nothing get done??


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