Thursday, January 29, 2015

Spin Cycle--January

This January has been all around a decent month.  It's had it's ups and downs but over all not too bad.  Let's see what has January brought us:
  • Cabin fever has set in.  We have had cold weather but not much snow.  It has warmed up just enough to melt the snow we got for Christmas and create tons of slippery ice. With injuries and illnesses, we haven't gotten out skiing at all. Well Turbo has with school, but he's the only one.
  • I have been able to get into a routine for making dinner.  My meal planning has been working and I have resisted the allure of saying figure it out yourself to the guys.
  • We had a fun game night with friends.  Playing Cards Against Humanity with a bunch of people is time filled with laughter.
  • Today is Bruiser's 6th Birthday.  His party is on Saturday.  He's pretty stoked to be turning six.
  • This weekend is all about a kid Art party and the Superbowl get together we have with friends.
  • We have done some pretty serious relaxing this month.  I've truly enjoyed it.
Now for some pictures from January:
We have had some truly spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

My Kiddos.

Cuddling puppies.
  How was your January? Spin it up and let us know!

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  1. You can't beat the Wyoming sunrises and sunsets. Can't believe your kiddo is 6. Where did the time go? Cabin fever...didn't you have that 64 degrees they got in Casper? LOL

  2. That is a spectacular sunset. Wow!! To say goodnight to the day with that view must be amazing. We only get that light in the Autumn. Send Happy BDAy wishes to your 6 year old! I will cry when my litttle one turns 6 because he will no longer be a toddler. He is 3 and the years will go quickly - I know. His older sisters are 5 and 8 and their younger years are flying by way to fast for this mama.

  3. Those are great pictures from January! We were able to go skiing once, which was fun. I'm a beginner...can't believe I put on skis in my old age!

    Happy Birthday to Bruiser!

  4. Good January that. And it sounds like it is going out on a high note as well. Hope your February continues in the same vein (although with more snow so you can go skiing).


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