Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tuesday Thoughs Might be Random

Yep, the thoughts around here are trending random.  Or maybe not.  OK, more random than organized, let's go:
  • Our weather has been on a roller coaster recently.  Last week we were far below zero and now it's hovering in the mid 30s.  Heading to the 40s during the day by Thursday.  It's melting the snow and creating ice.  Lots and lots of slippery ice.  Fun.
  • I won the dinner lottery laast night--100% approval from all family members.  Of course I stacked the deck by cooking chicken wings, but it's still nice to not have to coax a small child to Just Eat Already!
  • This:
  • I got Nick a guitar for Christmas.  He's wanted one for ages and he's not sounding too bad on it.  It helps that he's not playing the same thing over and over. 
  • I'm trying to come up with ideas for the craft/scrap book area that I get now.  There are certain thing that have to stay in the room but Mostly I get a space to scrapbook and need to think about what I want it to be and what would be the most effective use of space and most effective for me to scrap book at.  I think I want a counter at about waist height and a good stool.  Shelves and maybe drawers to sort the supplies I have and a good area to work in.  Pretty sure I don't want a table.  The room isn't that big and a table just takes up space and tends to get cluttered. Time to start hunting the interwebs for ideas.
So what's your random?
Random it up with Stacy.

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  1. The weather really has been a roller coaster ride lately, hasn't it? It's been really cold (but no snow, darn it!!) now back to being balmy again, which will be followed by yet another cold front (and still no snow in the forecast, not that that's a surprise for here. We can dream, though.) But regardless - slippery ice is not fun at all.

    Chicken wings are gobbled up here, too. I think I'm gonna have to put that on the menu for this week, after Little Dude whined and dilly dallied over the Hawaiian chicken I made tonight - you'd think having it cooked in brown sugar, pineapple juice and soy sauce would be recipe for him to inhale it (since he's not allowed to have sugar) but apparently he decided to play with it on his plate instead of eat it. ::facepalm::

    Ooooh! You get a craft/scrap book area! I want/need a craft room. I might have to wait until one of the kids move out. Maybe they should go to boarding school...heh! What about a murphy type table? One that folds up against the wall when not in use so it's not taking up valuable real estate in the room except when you actually need to use it? :)


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