Monday, January 5, 2015

Back in the Groove

Or getting there.  We had a two week break form work for the holiday.  It did not go quite as planned.  There was no skiing, no outdoors activity, some Christmas fun and New Years fun, lots of being sick and all around just relaxing.  Sound confusing?  Let's see if I can clear it up for you.
  • We swapped the boys rooms out.  Turbo is now full time in his attic bedroom.  Bruiser is firmly ensconced in Turbo's old room.  We still have work to do on Bruiser's room, electrical and then painting but he's in there.
  • Cookies were made:
  • Christmas happened.  There were tons of presents under the tree.  Santa was generous, and so were mom and dad.  We had a lovely time at Nick's folks for Christmas eve, with a fun time looking at Christmas lights before heading home to put little boys in new pajamas and sending them to bed so Santa could stop by.
  • Then Christmas morning came at 6:00am.  A frenzy of unwrapping and exclamations of glee and then breakfast with the grandparents.  Later it was off to the cousins house for Christmas afternoon and dinner. I would have had more fun if Santa hadn't brought me a cold for Christmas.
  • I was down for the count with the cold for the next three days. Just as I was getting better, Nick caught it. Being sick wasn't all that bad.  The weather got very, very cold--like below zero cold, so we wouldn't have gone out anyway. 
  • We were mostly better for New Years.  We did our standard seafood extravaganza. However, poor Bruiser caught the cold and didn't feel well New Year's day or Friday.
  • This last weekend I spent conquering the laundry, which had a large amount of sweats in it (from all the lounging no doubt).  I did make a prime rib on Saturday that was delicious.  
  • In other news, we had snow off and on the entire break.  It looks all wintery and white outside. Almost makes me wish we could have gotten out and enjoyed it, but I was also happy we had the time to get better without the pressure of work.
There will be more pictures to come.  I need better pictures of the attic and I get to hunt up ideas for my hobby room/scrap book room to. I also need to do a Christmas post and a 2015 promise post.  Well now that I'm back there lots to come.

On to MMMM which is all about earworm songs.  You know, those songs that get stuck in your head.
Meghan Trainor and Miranda Lambert with All About That Bass:

Florida Georgia Line with Sundaze:
Enjoy this first Monday of 2015.


  1. Nice tunes and hope you get better.

  2. Funny we picked that same song. Our Xmas was a blur as well and it took me a while to do laundry. I normally do it all on Sunday but I let it drag out until Wednesday that last week!

  3. I LOVE FGL's Sundaze. LOVE it.

    And I didn't know Miranda Lambert did a version of All About That Base with Meghan! Sweeeeeet!!!! :)

    Sorry you guys ended up sick over the break - but like you said, at least it happened while on break instead of being inundated with school and work to drag it out even longer. And it sounds like you got a lot done, too! Looking forward to the pictures! :)

  4. I really do need a hobby room also :)
    The kids and I will have to share play room :)

    Thanks for rocking.

  5. Oh girl you had me grooving this morning. Love hearing Miranda and Meghan do all about that bass so good together.


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