Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WWTK--Techy Stuff

We Want to Know time again.  I'm trying to deal with a sick kid and a sick hubby.  Things are way fun at our house.  Don't you wish you were here?  No?  I don't blame you.
Crazymama is asking this week:

{1} How many phones do you have in your household? (cell, smart, land lines) We have two cell phones, one portable land line phone and that is about it. Oh, we have the old school phone that works off the phone line because when the power gores out, it usually still works.
{2} Are you brand loyal? (Apple or Android or something else?)  We really aren't all that brand loyal.  We go for price and quality.  We don't do Apple, though.  We are PC people.
{3} Would you rather talk on the phone, text or email?  It depends on what I'm doing.  For some things a text is very convenient, for others it's better to talk on the phone.  Email is good for work and such.
{4} What do you think of Video chat? what do you use? (skype, facetime? google talk?)  We have skyped with family in New York, but don't really use it at all.
Fulfilled Mommy wants to know:
{5}What is your favorite gadget? (Tablet, cell phone, etc.)  I like my netbook.  It makes blogging and internet surfing easy and convenient.  For some things a laptop is better,but the netbook does most everything I need to.
{6} If you had to pick just one technological gadget, (computer, cell phone, smart phone, tablet)and it was the only one you could use for a year, which would you pick? explain why.  My net book.  It would give me the connection I needed to blog and check the things on line that I keep up with.  Cell phone I can do without, I don't have a smart phone (they intimidate me) and we don't have a tablet.

Mamarazzi is very busy with a project this week, so her hubby Big Daddy is stepping in to answer the questions at her place.  Crazymama will be checking everyone's answers though.



  1. netbook. good choice. it does it all. with the convience of a built in keyboard.

    you would quickly learn to love a smart phone. all the fun of a netbook in a smaller package.

    thanks for linking up! great answers

  2. My FIFTEEN year old son wants to teach me how to it hard??? LOL

    I tried to use the netbook, but I must be spoiled, the keyboard was just too small for me!

  3. I thought about getting a netbook but then I didn;t really understand what the difference between a netbook & a laptop were so I just went with the laptop.

    Ohhhh I couldn't be without my smart phone, I am definitely addicted. LOL.


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