Friday, March 23, 2012

I confess

Yep, it's Friday and it time to confess it all, or at least most of it.
  • I am a bit scared.
  • Nick leaves on Sunday for 10 days.
  • I will be out numbered by little boys.
  • At least I'm still bigger than they are.
  • OK, make that more than a bit scared.
  • I have laundry to do.
  • Must scale the mountain and send clean clothes with Nick.
  • I did Zumba for the first time Tuesday night.
  • I'm feeling pretty good.
  • Except for my thighs.
  • They hate me right now.
  • I will be doing the Zumba thing again.
  • It was fun.
  • As fun as exercise can be.
  • It did show me that I am not at all coordinated.
  • I really wish everyone in the house would feel better already.
  • I really hope I don't get sick.
Nothing exciting happening around here really.  Hop on over  and see Mamarazzi (who's technically not there today, Big Daddy is running the show as Mamarazzi is working on a show at the local high school.)  Check out the other confessions and confess yourself.


  1. Love the new layout!
    Good luck with the hubs gone...don't get sick!

  2. Being in a house outnumbered by little boys can be very scary!
    Hope you don't get sick, sounds like something is going around.
    Zumba is fun! Just exhausting, haha.
    Awesome confessions!

  3. OoOo...good luck! And congrats on surviving Zumba!

  4. First off... Cute new design! I love how you always switch stuff up. I wish I knew how to do a header. Well wait, maybe it's better that I don't, I might want to change it all the time if I did.

    Ohhhh gosh 10 days, that is a loooong time! I'll start sending good luck vibes right now. :)

    Zumba looks & sounds so fun but I tried it with the videos that my sister bought & I look like a freakin idiot. I used to be a cheerleader & did dance routines but apparently I no longer have rhythm (unless I am drunk) hee hee

  5. I tried Zumba a few weeks ago and re-learned that I am not coordinated! It was a lot of fun though.

  6. Zumba is hard..just about as hard as scaling the mountain. LOL. Wait I think mountain climbing is easier.

  7. aw ten days without the hubby? That's gotta be rough!

    I've heard so many good things about Zumba. I can't wait to get back into group fitness classes once Roo is born. I want to get back into the turbo kickboxing class. It was so fun you forgot you were working out, til you left drenched in sweat!

  8. I want to try Zumba...I keep hearing how fun it is!

    Also...I am totally not coordinated anymore. I am a total spaz.

    We've had the sickies going round and round in our family too, and I am so over it!!


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