Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Confessions

I have confessions for this week:
  • I had a fling with the Captain last night.
  • I was celebrating having no kids for the night.
  • Not that I really needed a reason to fling with the Captain.
  • Our spring break was fun.
  • Travel always is.
  • We got rid of the cabin fever.
  • Hotels with pools are gifts from the gods.
  • Especially with kids.
  • I'm really happy it's Friday.
  • We have a busy weekend coming up.
  • Friends in town.
  • Beer bottling.
  • Kids to the park.
  • Yep, busy, but definitely fun.
  • Pictures of our adventures on Monday.
  • I still have to download cameras and such.
  • I also still have to unpack bags.
  • Yeah, not really on top of that one.
  • At least the car is unpacked.
  • Mostly.
Do you have any confessions?  write them up and link up with Mamarazzi.  



  1. i think unpacking is worse then packing when you travel

  2. I hate unpacking but decided this morning that I hate switching seasonal clothes out more! Too much work!

  3. I was just explaining to Elliot how we're taking a trip in June and he'll get to stay at a cool hotel and play in the pool. That kid is EXCITED!

  4. We don't get too many vacations. I Confess that we have only traveled 30 min away and got a motel with a pool just to feel like we were on vacation :)

  5. IA is gonna be jealous! You stole her man for a night!

  6. A lot of confessions for this week!
    Happy weekend!

  7. I think packing is worse. You're trying to cram stuff in. It's crazy.

  8. I would say that unpacking is one of the things I hate the MOST in this world! Man, I have set you up with the perfect Spin Cycle next week!

  9. unpacking suitcases is the worst. mine usually sits until it is almost empty then i will take the last few things out and put it away. i am lazy like that.

    thanks for linking up!!

  10. I'm visiting from Mamarazzi.

    It's good to have a great vacation and hotel pools are definitely part of that. Good luck with packing. Have a great weekend.

  11. Great confessions! Sounds like your spring break is fabulous!

  12. It's been said, but it bears are great but unpacking sucks!

  13. Unpacking is always the worst.

    Seriously, sometimes I don't unpack a suitcase until I'm all out of clothes and have to find a particular item.


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