Monday, March 26, 2012

And So It Starts...

Well, Nick made it to Austin, TX yesterday.  I am currently a singleish mom.  The next 10 days will be interesting to say the least.  I just hope I don't get sick.  I'm fighting it right now.
Our weekend was quiet, laundry, cleaning, more laundry.  I changed sheets, folded, ironed and did more laundry.  Yeah, there was lots of laundry done.
I did dishes too.  Domestic goddess, that's me.  Stop laughing, I can claim it of that's all I did all weekend.  I did all that domestic stuff, except clean the bathrooms.  I'm totally procrastinating on that one.  Oh, and I still need to take the vacuum for a spin.  It is pouting a bit after all the attention the washer and dryer got this weekend.
It really is challenging to feed a very picky three year old, and eight year old who doesn't eat lots and myself.  It's not worth it to make real meals, I end up with copious left overs.  Left overs are not really big with most of us.  My main left over consumer is in Texas.  I see us eating lots of chicken this week.  Chicken is one meat that is not objected to by most of the eaters in my house.
I did have a friend over and we played Pirate Farkle.  Turbo, my friend and myself.  I won two games and My friend won one game.  Turbo came close twice, but a lucky roll stole victory from him.  He took it well and is looking forward to playing again tonight.
So there you have it.  My not overly exciting weekend.  Was your weekend better?


  1. I don't like leftovers at all.
    Never heard of Pirate Farkle!

  2. aw hope you don't get sick and you are truly a goddess

  3. I LOVE leftovers! I wish my weekend had been filled with domestic godessishness. Because I have a crap load of laundry to do right now!

    I went to a soccer game and watched my boys lose to some dirty playing jerks. And crappy reffing. And I know that that's the way it goes, but it just made me really mad, and I would feel better if all my laundry were done instead!

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you stay healthy!!

  4. I always save leftovers but then usually throw them away a week later, need to get better at using them. Good luck while your husband is gone, I always hate it hen Eric has to travel

  5. There are a few leftovers I like, not many but a few. I wish I had amazing leftover dinner ideas. Wonder if you could recreate them into something new? LOL

    Hang in there Mama, you will do great! Oh & just think about the break you are going to deserve when your hubs gets home. You know you are so going to deserve a getaway! :)


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