Monday, March 5, 2012

Another Monday? Not Really...

This last weekend went by with it's ups and downs.  Really a lot more ups than downs really.
Saturday we got the grocery shopping done and then took the boys swimming at the rec center.  A good time was had by everyone.  Bruiser is getting brave about floating with a life vest one and not having a death grip on us.  Turbo loves to dive in and swim under water.  Swimming lessons have been so good for him.
Saturday afternoon Turbo had a birthday party to go to.  He ended up staying a lot longer than originally planned and had lots of fun.
Sunday was a lazy day.  A bit of cleaning, a bit of beer bottling, and lots of couch surfing.  I got a nap and it felt good.  Cabin fever is still pretty rampant in our house, but the ice outside is still not really letting us go outside.  It is melting, but more snow is predicted for tomorrow.  such is "spring" in Wyoming.
We have had a bit of a situation here since Thanksgiving.  Nick's dad usually watches Bruiser on Mondays and Fridays.  Just after Thanksgiving he had surgery on his right wrist and a week later he had surgery on his left foot.  This put him out of commission as far as Bruiser sitting.  My mom took up the slack, expecting Papa to be able to watch Bruiser again after a couple of months.
Well, Papa's foot did not heal right (he walked on it far too soon) and he had to go back to surgery in January.  My mom was facing five days a week and wasn't really happy or physically prepared to do that.  So nick and I went to our boss and negotiated a temporary fix.  I am working from home on Mondays and Nick is working from home on Fridays.  My mom will watch Bruiser on Tuesday through Thursday, like she was used to.  hopefully Papa will be back on his feet (both of them) in another month or so.
this whole issue of who is watching Bruiser has been weighing heavy on me.  he about half way potty trained and I didn't really want a major change to his schedule to disrupt that.  As soon as he is trained I have no trouble finding a daycare to put him in if necessary, but I would like to avoid that as long as possible.  I want his potty trained.
So, today I am home.  Working, chasing a little boy, getting a big boy to school.  you know, imitating super mom.  Not sure I can really pull it off, but I think I can fake it.
so how was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like a plan. Hope things will work out soon. Have a great week.

  2. Sounds like a rough and annoying situation; childcare can be difficult.

  3. Daycare is a tricky deal. It is great that he can stay with family.

  4. I think we have the same weekends. Except we do less fun stuff. LOL

  5. good luck with the potty training and the sitting situation I know that is tough.

  6. I bet it's nice staying home... wait, not with the whole cabin fever thing though. Bummer it isn't beautiful out & you could really take advantage of staying home.

    Hope your father in law heels well this time. No fun having to go in for another surgery.

  7. daycare is such a hard situation!! I am glad you were able to get a temporary fix to the situation. I had the same problem last summer when I was working and ended up quitting to stay home.

    I took my boys to a rec center near us {that I just found out about} to go swimming, and my 3yr old was clinging to me @ the start and by the end was floating with a vest on by himself by the end of the 1.5 hrs we were there! I was so proud of him! We have a pool in the summer but it seems like every summer they have to get used to the water all over again!

  8. Crazy medical stuff...I hope your FIL gets mended soon!!

    And good luck on the potty training!

    Sounds like a nice balance of lazy and fun weekend!


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