Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Crazymama is asking the questions this week:

  1. What is your favorite way to celebrate birthdays?  We tend to keep birthdays relatively low key.  No wild parties, crazy activities or anything like that.  I like going camping for mine if it's close enough to a weekend, or just dinner out with the fam.
  2. Which is more fun to celebrate--yours or your loved ones?  Well, mine of course.  I like getting stuff.
  3. What is your dessert of choice for birthday celebrating?  I'm not a fan of most frosting on cake, but I do like whipped cream frosting on chocolate cake.  But I really prefer cheesecake.
  4. Tell us about your best birthday you've ever had.  I have not really had too many memorable birthdays.  When I turned 35 Nick set up a sort of surprise party and that was fun.  Other than that, none really stand out.
  5. Share your favorite birthday song.  Can I go on record as saying I don't really like Happy Birthday.  I don't really have a birthday song.
  6. Bonus Question:  If you could pick any age to be again, how old would you be and why?  I'd go back to 26.  Nick and I had been married for a year, I was starting a pretty good job and life was pretty good.
Now go see Mamarazzi and Crazymama for more birthday question answering fun.



  1. I'm digging the whipped cream frosting too, walmart has some pretty good cakes like that.

  2. haha "I like getting stuff" tooo...and that's got me wondering. A few years back, birthdays had become stressful events in my circle. My friends and I would scramble around, trying to find out what the others were getting for the birthday girl or boy, and trying to come up with awesome ideas - basically trying to one-up each other. It had also become too expensive. So we made a group decision to quit doing presents, now we just do dinner or a movie or something and buy the birthday boy or girl their dinner, ticket, whatever.

    But I DO miss the presents. Especially since the family went the way of gift cards this past year. Hmmm. lol!

  3. I love celebrating others birthdays. I for some crazy reason hate getting gifts.

  4. We go low key at home with dinner and a cake and some presents. Nothing extravagant for us.

  5. We do low key celebrations here too. I love celebrating my nephews birthdays. They are just too cute.

  6. If we ever do anything special for a birthday, we don't focus so much on, "oh you're so special because it's your day." I mean, you can't avoid it anyway!

  7. i love getting stuff. cheese cake is delicious.

    26 is a great age.

  8. Low key is always good.Once in awhile we will go all out!

  9. Now I want some whipped cream frosting!!!

  10. all this talk about birthdays and cake has me craving whipped topping

  11. mmmm whipped cream frosting on chocolate cake sounds yummy!!

    LOL @ "I like getting stuff"

    thanks for linking up!!

  12. OMG You're my twin, I hate hate hate frosting on cake which is why I love cheesecake!


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