Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday--Let's Confess!

Oh my goodness.  I'm sooo happy it's Friday.  Let's confess and then get on with the weekend.
  • I had maybe a bit more to drink on Wednesday's GNO than I should have.
  • It was fun while I was doing it.
  • Yesterday morning not so much.
  • I excited to send out my swap package tomorrow.
  • My face seems to think it needs to go back to high school.
  • It's acting like a teenager and breaking out like crazy.
  • The dish fairies have the worst sense of direction.
  • The stupid idiots can't find their way here.
  • Of course the house cleaning elves are no better.
  • I'm making bread this weekend.
  • With the spent grains we saved from the batch of beer Nick made a couple of weeks ago.
  • We froze it and the bread I make from it tastes really good.
  • I have cabin fever.
  • The cure is to get outside.
  • Going outside here right now is not really advisable.
  • It's cold, windy and on occasion snowy out there.
  • And we have at least another two months of very unpredictable weather.
  • "Spring" in Wyoming is a blink you miss it type of season.
  • I'm seriously jealous of all the bloggers talking about the 70-80 degree weather they are having.
  • Sigh, I have to kepp telling myself that this summer when everyone else is complaining of 100+ weather, we will be relatively cool and comfortable here.
  • It doesn't help much right now.
Now go confess with Mamarazzi and get it all off your chest for the weekend.


  1. i'm with you so excited to mail my package

  2. My lunchtime task is to arrange all these things in the flat rate box. :)

  3. If the dish fairy and the house cleaning fairy happen to show up there would you send them my way after they're done? They seem to be neglecting me horribly here lately.

    I understand the cabin fever thing. I'm sending you some sunny days outside thoughts. :) I hope you get a break from the winter business for a while!

  4. Don't feel bad - there is no sign of spring here in Alaska. Yesterday it was 10 degrees with 70mph winds, which included drifting snow. It's 9 this morning. I feel your pain with the breakouts. Get you self some teatree oil and mix one drop with your daily moisturizer. Helps fight the bacteria that creates cousin zits and clears up insisting ones.

  5. Wow 70-80 we're in the 67's but the weather is dreary and wet and stormy so it's not much better....blah! I'm so ready for summer!

  6. Wow 70-80 we're in the 67's but the weather is dreary and wet and stormy so it's not much better....blah! I'm so ready for summer!

  7. We did enjoy 74 degrees weather yesterday...but we have to pay for that with dealing with severe tornado warnings thoughtout the night tonight. Time to make beds in the bathroom, and get the candles and lanterns ready.

  8. GNO are much needed and it's ok to drink a little more than you SHOULD HAVE. Glad you had fun! I hope you get a great swap package! Have a great weekend!

  9. bread. :)
    If it helps, we're having mid-30s and windy weather here in Seattle right now. And when we hit 100 in August, I'll be pining for your cool weather.

    I hope the dish fairies and house elves get back to work at your place SOON!

  10. You are entitled to have too much to drink on a Wednesday night every once in a while. Especially when you're trapped inside from the cold!

  11. I HATE teenager-face! I say that if I have to have the complexion of a 17 year old, then I should at LEAST be able to have my 17 year old body back! Right?

    I too am jealous of the fair weather other bloggers are experiencing. We have 10 inches of snow outside our front door right now. Bring on the warmer weather!

  12. I have teenager face too. BOO.
    I want some homemade bread.

  13. OMG I really need to just move out there and be your neighbor!! LOL While it was a gret 70 here yesterday, we haven't gotten one single solitary flake of snow...I really really miss snow!

  14. I had a GNO not too long ago and had the same thing happen to me! I had a great time drinking, til I woke up the next morning. Ugh.

    I'm excited for you and your swap! I have seen a few posts about swaps and think it is the coolest idea ever!

    When the dish fairies and cleaning elves do finally show up, please send them my way?

    & If it makes you feel any better, the weather here is horrible. It's 40-50's grey, windy, rainy, and an occasional bout of snow.

    Great confessions!

  15. Stopping by from Mamarazzi's link party.

    I'm with ya on the weather. I am missing my weekly hikes because Colorado weather can not seem to make up its mind!

  16. Too much to drink.... Naaahhh not possible.

    Swaps are always so fun. I need to get back into doing them again.

    Uggghhh I'm dealing with breakouts right now too. Weird thing is I've never ever had any problems with my skin. Actually I have awesome skin so what the heck is up I ask, I mean really. IT SUCKS!

    I soooo want Spring & Summer to come, I am sick of this yucky cold dreary weather.

  17. Sent out my Swap stuff this morning! So excited! I find it unfair to have acne and wrinkles. But spring is here and I am stoked! Hope you have a great week!

  18. LOL @ dish fairies...oh how wonderful that would be!!!

    sorry i am late getting to confessions. my internet was being poopy this weekend and i could not get blogs to load, so i gave up...until now!! Thanks for linking up!!


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