Friday, March 9, 2012

Confession? You bet!

So it's Friday.  Just about the best day of the week.  Especially at going home time.  This one is particularly nice.
Next week is Spring Break around these parts.  So I'm going to confess so I can head into the weekend with a clean conscience.
  • I am ridiculously happy to be heading out of town for a long weekend.  
  • We need to get the heck out of Dodge.
  • This should be a fabulous cure for the rampant cabin fever that has been infecting all of us.
  • Bruiser is feeling better.
  • After throwing up on me Tuesday night.
  • And running a low grade fever all day Wednesday.
  • He is back to his usual, imaginative self.
  • I feel particularly proud that I got the laundry done... 
  • ...While I was home with a sick Bruiser.
  • Have I mentioned how thrilled I am that we are going out of town?
  • I'v been a slacker this week.  
  • I have not done my dishes at night.
  • I've let them wait until morning before doing them.
  • Still that's better than I used to be.
  • I don't let them sit all week.
  • I am not at all happy about the time change this weekend.
  • It so screws up our schedules.
  • Being on a mini vacation should help the soften the blow though.
And with that I'll send you to see Mamarazzi for more confessions.  Really, it is good for you.


  1. Oddly enough, I am excited for the time change. I like it to be lighter later so after dinner, we can go outside and play. Have a fun weekend!

  2. Oh man thanks for reminding me about time change! I forgot.
    I came home from my honeymoon to a mountain of laundry...I'm still working on it.
    In 2 weeks we have a weekend getaway planned...I'm super excited.

  3. Have a great weekend away! Something relaxing or a little hectic, just not at home?

  4. Sorry Bruiser was sick, that really sucks :(

    I am pretty excited for the time change, only because it gets so dark so quick here.. I am ready for some light!

    Hope that you guys have a GREAT mini-vacation!

  5. Yay for going out of town! Hope you have a fab weekend and Spring Break!

  6. THe time change is this weekend? Whaaat? See...I need to watch the news more often.

    I'm glad you're going on a little vacay. It's good to get away! We have friends coming in the morning. They have 6 year old twin boys. They will destroy my house but I love seeing my friends!

  7. Wahoo vacation!! Have a good time. :D

  8. Have fun on spring break! It is nice getting away. Hopefully the throw up is all done

  9. Just when I had completely forgotten about the time change, I have now been reminded! I'm from Hawaii where we don't do that whole Day Light Saving's Time bit and living in Idaho means that this will be my first one. I'm definitely NOT excited about that either!

    I hope that you and your family have a great long weekend and a fun spring break!

  10. Whoooo hooo!! Enjoy your vacation!!! Where you headed? Glad the little one is feeling better. It's going around rampant down here too!

    Have fun!

  11. Time change is seriously super lame.

    I'm glad Bruiser is feeling better, and hope y'all have a fun mini-vacay!

    I could really use one of those. Maybe then I wouldn't be such a cyber-witch like I have been this week!

  12. i am soooo ready for the time change, i love longer days where it is light out, makes me HAPPY!!

    thanks for linking up your confessions, have a fabulous weekend!

  13. YAY you get to get out!!! :)

    Time change is dumb. I think they should just stop doing it. It just completely messes with the kids & then makes our life hell. Am I right? LOL

    Enjoy your weekend!


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