Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WWTK--Love is in the Air

Time to play along with Mamarazzi, Crazymama and Queso for another edition of We Want To Know.  This week it's all about love and Valentine's Day.

  1. How was your Valentine's Day?  Pretty mellow.  We went out for lunch and I got Nick a card, but that was about it, or so I thought.  When I got home Nick and the boys had made me a card with conversation hearts.  So I got a card and candy and lunch.  Not bad for a Valentine's Day.
  2. What is your favorite flower? Did your honey get them for you?  I like roses and carnations.  Nope, no flowers here.  They just end up dying anyway.  Yeah, not a romantic at heart here.
  3. Was Valentine's Day a big deal when your were a kid?  No, not really.  I did the card thing at school until 5th grade then it really became a day that emphasized that I was not too popular.  Being a teenager and not having a boyfriend makes Valentine's Day a hated day really.
  4. Did you put up any Valentine's day decoration's?  Nope.  I'm doing good to get Christmas decorations up.  I just don't do Valentine's decorations.  Or just about any other holiday, except for Halloween.  I'm doing good to keep the house clean.   Decorating for holidays just doesn't happen.
  5. Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions?  Not really.  My mom gets a gift for the boys, but we don't do anything special.  The anniversary of Nick and my first date is the end of February.  We tend to celebrate that instead of doing Valentine's day all crazy.  Nineteen years the end of this month.  Not bad for college sweethearts. (Yeah I'm proud of that one.)
So go join up and answer the questions for yourself.  The ladies hosting would love to see you.



  1. Sounds like a successful Valentine's Day! Sprite's school has toned down the entire "everyone must get a card" since it came to just the kids in her reading group. John and I haven't done cards in years. We figure we don't need Hallmark to write the words for us when we can just say them ourselves. :-)

  2. So glad to see I am not the only one not big on Valentines.

  3. You just made me realize that this year marks the 20th anniversary of our first date! Wow, does that make me feel super old! We're high school sweethearts here.

    Seems like you and I agree quite a bit on Valentine's Day!!!

  4. Yeah...I might have HATED V day in, that brings back crap memories! LOL

  5. i'm thinking our view on flowers will not make the floristes in our neighborhood happy

  6. congrats on 19 years. that is something to be proud of. we don't do vday either. too old and married. lol

  7. we're not big on valentines day here, but our first REAL date was on Valentines day, so I decided to do something special this year for him! =)

  8. LOL isn't that the truth! I'm doing well just to keep the house clean also!

  9. My parents gave both the boys a BOX of See's candy...enough to share with everybody...for days! LOL I'm not much on VDay, either, but I have a feeling that'll have to change now that the boys are old enough to "celebrate".

  10. Wahoo- congrats on 19 years! That's amazing. :D

  11. Yeah, I'm not much of a romantic either. Nineteen years?! That is great!

  12. We do cards but that's about all. I prefer when JR buys me flowers on a whim. I'll come home to find flowers on the table. I love those surprises.

  13. aww happy "first date" anniversary!!

    sorry i am slow getting here, some weeks just get away from me. thanks for linking up, love your answers and i really appreciate that you play along!

  14. sounds like a good day, candy, card and a lunch date, awesome!

    whoohoo for your more fun anniversary instead of valentines day.

    i only decorate for valentines day because i love it and the colors and the decorations available. it's my fave holiday.

    thanks for linking up and stopping by, i'm slow to make the rounds this week, it's been a crazy one over here.


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