Monday, February 27, 2012

What Weekend?

I can't call this last weekend relaxing.  We didn't do a lot, but we did do a lot.  Want me to explain?  Sure you do.  Heck, I need to explain that one.
Friday night Turbo went over to the grandparents to spend the night.  Nick and I ate late and generally relaxed after Bruiser went to bed.  It was nice.
Saturday morning Nick went skiing with friends while I went grocery shopping.  Bruiser went to the grandparents while we did this.  I picked up the boys later and Nick came home rather tired from his ski.  I sorted the laundry (the silly stuff was oh so pouty, claimed I'd neglected it something terrible.  It exaggerates horribly.  It's only been two weeks since we danced last.  But I showed it.  Got all of it done, even the towels.)
In the afternoon, Nick went to a friends house to help him brew his first batch of beer.  Saturday night we watched movies and generally had small boys attempt to drive me nuts.  Boys are noisy when they play.
Sunday was mostly just finishing up the laundry dance and brewing up our own small batch of beer.  In the afternoon we went to a friends house to watch a movies and Nick did something to his neck.  Something not so good as he can't actually turn his head right now.  Made last evening a bit difficult on him.
So, to sum up, we did stuff, and didn't do stuff, and overall I blinked and there went the weekend.  I really need to stop blinking, I miss so much that way.  It sounds like we were busy all weekend, but I feel like all I have to show for it is clean laundry.  I think cabin fever has started to set in. Anyone got any sure fire cures that don't involve going outside?
Hope your weekend was better to you than mine was.


  1. Honestly, I've lost all track of weekends :-) They just flow together...sorry your weekend wasn't fun!

  2. I usually get the kids involved in cooking or cleaning, though that sounds silly. yesterday i took all Ell's shirts out of the drawer and finally hung them in the closet. He handed me shirts he definitely wanted to wear, Isaac handed me hangers, and I put them in the closet. Definitely worked to keep them occupied!

  3. Ah, we do stuff and don't do stuff all the time. LOL
    And, you need to bitch slap your laundry....whining. PFFT!

  4. Sounds busy!
    My weekend went well, Disney on Saturday with good friends, travel home on Sunday, came down with a nasty 12 hour bug, slept it off, better now. :-)


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