Monday, February 13, 2012

Well That Was a Weekend

So, this last weekend was a very interesting mixed bag of activities.
Friday night Nick headed over to join friends so he could wax his skis.  Beer and a bottle of Schnapps were involved.  He was about 2.5 sheets to the wind when he came home.  Turbo had a sleep walking incident Friday night or maybe Saturday morning.  It made for an interesting night.
Saturday Nick got a wild hair and we bought a new TV for the basement, moved the TV we had downstairs upstairs and the TV we had there over to his parents house.  They were watching a small TV in the living room that only had a cable hookup.  No way to watch a DVD or anything else.  They were so happy to get the newer, larger TV.  We had to get a new TV stand for upstairs as the one we had would not fit the TV we moved up there.
The new TV stand.
I then went to pick up the boys while Nick continued to move stuff around and get it settled.  As he was doing this the slightly crazy neighbors came up to the front porch.  She said they were selling Girl scout cookies but neglected to mention that both girls were selling individually until after Nick had said he would buy one box of cookies.  Talk about getting ambushed.  We are thinking about hiding the next time they try to hit us up.  I have nothing against Girl Scout cookies, I just don't like getting roped into buying more than
I want to, especially from those girls.
I managed to hurt my shoulder while moving furniture around, but did get all the clothes washed, dried, folded and put away.  I even got the towels done.  The laundry is not pouting, right now.
I did get out shopping, but had to go by myself as my friend had to work unexpectedly.  I found some great stuff anyway.
So it was an interesting weekend.  Oh, and I got my swap partner for Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap.  Allstarme of Incognitus Scriptor is a wonderful blogger who has a lot in common with me--two boys, works at a university, likes to read.  This match was meant to be.  This is going to be fun!
And as a send off today you get to see Bruiser in his latest obsession.
Bruiser the Cowboy.
Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


  1. Congrats - you have been awarded...
    Check it out!

  2. Girl Scout cookies are the devil! So far, I have had ZERO OFFERS to buy any. I'm weak, Vandy. I would take one of each box (except for the lemon ones!)

    I LOVE that picture of Bruiser! How cute!!!!!!!

  3. Holy crap you had a busy weekend! You need a break from your break. :)

  4. i'm sad all the little girls i use to buy cookies from are now grown up and i haven't seen any girl scouts atnding outside stores yet. Bruiser cracks me up he is so cute in his cowboy dressup. sorry about your shoulder hope you feel better. oh and woohoo on your swap partner

  5. Men and TV's. Luckily, John got his brand new TV two weeks ago. That should keep him for the next few years. :-)

  6. JR was angling for a new TV on Saturday. I put that thought right out of his mind since we have plenty.

  7. A crazy weekend for you! I let my teenager hang out with her friend who is a boy. I hate my life right now. hahahaha.

  8. Late on commenting since I was dead to the world yesterday but thanks for the mention; our swap is going to rock!!

  9. ha - Bruiser is adorable in his get up! Sounds like a crazy weekend and I definitely know how those go. I got my swap partner, too - this should be a fun one!


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