Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Random Talkin'

Time to random up the place again, cause it's Tuesday and all.
  • I have a small confession.  I really don't get Pinterest.  I have an account, but have yet to really get the bug to pin stuff.  Maybe this is a good thing.  We get enough ideas from watching home improvement shows, I have enough cook books, and I don't craft.  I don't really need to find tons of other ideas that we won't do.  Still, everyone talks about how much they like to pin and the ideas they get from cruising Pinterest.  I wanna be cool to, but it eludes me again.
  • I realized something about little girls this weekend.  Given fully clothed Barbies, they will immediately strip them.  And leave them that way.  I have several left over from when I was a kid and got them out for the one girl who was here Saturday.  Within 10 minutes she had stripped them all and moved on to another activity
  • I've been trying to have something for breakfast each morning--key word trying--but I'm not a big breakfast fan.  I don't like cereal with milk, making eggs takes to much time (and I'm not that fond of them anyway), we don't keep things like cinnamon rolls around, and I'm not organized enough to make smoothies.  Breakfast sort of sucks.
  • The groundhog was right.  Winter is back here.  We have snow and cold temperatures again.  January was a weird, drab, dry, windy month, and warm for us.   I think that made the month seem longer.
  • We need to get back to the store in Ft. Collins for more brewing supplies for Nick.  We may go this weekend.  Yippee, a trip out of town again!
  • I have joined a couple of swaps this month--The Seriously Impulsive Swap and Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap.  I'm looking forward to sending and getting great things.
OK that does it for my random this week.  Go link up your random with Stacy at Stacy Uncorked.
And don't forget Shawn and Impulsive and Talk To Us Tuesday.

Seriously Shawn


  1. UGH to winter!!! Ours has been very mild this year and I'm very glad I despise the cold.

    I will admit that I am addicted to Pinterest and I've actually made a handful of things I have pinned...but the truth is I will never make even 90 percent of the shit.

  2. I got through spurts with Pinterest. I go on there and repin what other's pin...but I don't usually pin from websites.

  3. I have to admit I'm completely addicted to Pinterest, but I am crafty and when I need an idea on how to decorate or make something....I head to Pinterest.
    We have had an extremely mild winter. I'm wondering if we aren't going to get hit hard one day or end up having an extremely hot summer.

  4. I am trying to stay out of Pinterest if only because I would be sucked right in. I'm always working on projects.
    In defense of the little girl, stripping the Barbies is no big deal. Trying to fit those clothes back on is where it gets hard. :-)

  5. Oh *whew*! I'm not alone. I don't really get Pinterest either. Like MiMi, I tend to go in spurts and re-pin what others have pinned, so I haven't gotten completely sucked into it....yet! :)

    You are so right about the whole Barbies thing - wonder if it's because it's a PITA to put the clothes back on? :)

    I've been trying to have something for breakfast each morning too - I tend to forget, and before I know it, it's time for lunch! :)

    You can send some of your winter here - we need a really good freeze so we're not inundated with pesky bugs come spring. It's been way too mild this year!

    Ooooh! More brewing supplies - thanks for reminding me, I need to get some wine making stuff too. ;)

    I'm joining in on the swap, too! :)

    Madonna Still Rocks, M.I.A. Steals the Headlines, and Another Stray Cat

  6. Oh, I love Pinterest. I'm not a junky, but when looking for party/decorating/holiday inspiration, it is the place to go.
    Breakfast. I have to eat breakfast because I have blood sugar issues (which sucks BTW). I'm not an egg fan and only eat cereal for a snack in the evening. Best. Snack. Ever.
    In the morning I usually have a cup of tea, a piece of toast (Rudi's Organic Nut and Oats-freaking delicious) and 2 links of Morning Star Farm's Veggi sausage. Quick and easy. Most important meal of the day, blah, blah, blah.

  7. I love Pinterest, but sometimes I feel like I keep seeing the same thing over and over again (so I haven't been on it that much lately).
    I have no idea what winter really is (I live in the South.) I don't even think the plants realize it's still supposed to be winter, azaleas are blooming and the grass needs to be cut.

    Stopping by from Talk to us Tuesday)

  8. Lol, when I was a kid I used to leave my naked Barbie and Ken in very compromising positions. My mom was mortified. Ohhh kids.

    You could try yogurt and granola for breakfast. That's what I eat most days. It's quick and easy, and pretty tasty. Oh, and they also have smoothie mix in the frozen food section, so you just throw it in the blender and you're done.

  9. I repin like MiMi, usually not from websites. But I have to say that Pinterest is where I got soooo many ideas for Christmas this year, and I saved myself a lot of headaches and money.

    As I explained to my husband, the Barbie thing is this. Girls want to change Barbie clothes, and they are easy to remove. But putting different clothes on? Nearly impossible for little hands!

    I hate breakfast.

    I hate winter. Well, right now I do.

    I'm such a misfit. I'm not doing either swap.

    But I am getting my bathroom refinished and my basement finished!!

  10. Girl, I was the EXACT SAME WAY as you when it came to pinterest. I didn't get it. I had an account for MONTHS before I figured it out. I finally played with it enough and figured it out. If you decide you need help, let me know. I'll walk you through it.

    Thanks for linking up with us Miss Vandy!!

  11. Holy Cow!
    I so agree with you about Pinterest.
    I don't get it or the need for it on a regular blog.

    Have a great rest of your day!

  12. i don't do alot of pinning but i do some.

    haha about the little girls and dolls statement

    as for breakfasts i'm an energy bar kind of girl till about 10am i have coffee and a breakfast bar then around 10 will consider making an omelette or pancakes so essential breakfast for lunch kind of thing

  13. Don't feel bad, I haven't caught onto pinning yet either!

  14. I'm a pin junkie, but your already knew that. It's not for everyone, so don't worry. Breakfast doesn't have to be breakfast food...think outside the box. We do lots of quesidillas and such. I even eat peanut butter sandwiches. If you want to get into the smoothie thing I think I have a link pined somewhere about making smoothie packs, freezing and then all you have to do is dump and go in the morning. Hope this helps.

  15. I don't get Pinterest either, I just look at all the stuff and maybe repin but I have no clue and I know I will never make any of it or buy it. I kind of think it is funny because I then read a bunch of blogs about people wanting less stuff, yeah, maybe not really.

    I have never really eaten breakfast. I eat when I am hungry, it works for me.

    Barbies, not my thing or was it my daughter's so I am clueless on that one.

    I run from winter, so I can't really comment, I spend it in Arizona and then head back to Ohio in the summer LOL

  16. Over here, it's totally not winter. Well, it was 44 this morning but our high is 75. Insane! breakfast is rough. I alternate between making sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits (which does take time but I organize it) and making oatmeal. That's the easiest one: boil 1/3 cup of water, pour and stir. I love breakfast and make sure I do it right. I would die without it. Well, I'd be cranky anyway.

    I would love to get paired with your for the swap, lol! But what are the chances?

  17. Ohhh my gosh you completely took the words out of my mouth about Pinterest. I even logged on thsi morning wanting to put something anything on my board but Nope, I still am lost. LOL

    Uggghhh so true about naked Barbies. It is true of baby dolls too. Then the clothes get lost. So annoying!

    I've been trying with the breakfast thing too. I;'ve ended up having the same thing for over a week now. I'm bored with it already. Where is that personal chef when you need him??

    YAY for swaps. Wish I was doing them. So much fun! Hope you get great swap buddies :)


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