Friday, February 10, 2012

Confessing Everything?

Well maybe not everything, a girl has to have her secrets, but I will confess a few things.  After all it is Friday and time to head into the weekend without it all hanging over my head.
  • We are supposed to get snow today and this weekend.
  • I'm happy we are getting snow.
  • But it could have waited until late tonight to come.
  • Nick really wants to get more brewing supplies.
  • The store is over an hour's drive away.
  • We had made arrangements for friends to watch the boys and everything.
  • Now we may be stuck in town.
  • The joys of living where the weather can shut down the roads.
  • I have laundry to take for a whirl this weekend.
  • It gets so pouty when I don't pay attention to it.
  • I am going to hit the local consignment store this weekend with a friend.
  • New to me clothes.  
  • It's definitely time.
  • Valentines is creeping up.
  • We aren't doing much--life has sort of gotten in the way.
  • And it's a Tuesday.
  • How romantic is Tuesday?
  • Only slightly more romantic than Monday.
  • I need to clean the bathrooms again.
  • I need to make chocolate chip cookies.
  • The boys need them.
  • Really, they do.
  • I've regularly doing ab exercises.
  • It's not really getting any more fun than the first time I did them.
  • I giggle like a 12 year old when I hear the new country radio station in our town say it's name.
  • It's Buckin' Country 92.3.
  • Say it out loud and see if you don't giggle too.
  • They also have an afternoon show on and they encourage all us buckers to be sure to listen in.
Go see Mamarazzi for more confessions.


  1. I wish we had snow! But nothing! Well a little dusting for one day, nothing to talk about.
    I could use some of those cookies if you don't mind sharing. I guess I really need to ask the boys if they mind sharing huh?
    Love the radio station name! Love love love it!
    Valentines will be simple this year...just a dinner date for us.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. my laundry pouts to if it doesn't get attention and you are right i did giggle saying that country station out loud

  3. I hate snow......buckin Country.......hehe totally giggled!

  4. Boys really do need cookies sometimes. I made a triple batch and rolled them into balls and threw them in the freezer so I can just pull them out, let them thaw a bit and toss them in the oven.

  5. Ab exercises never get fun, but the burning sensation is empowering. Right? Theoretically? Anyway....yay for results! :)

    Buckin' Country! it.

  6. LOL you buckers and your buckin' country! Ha, I love it!

    I wish we got snow-not enough to shut down the town, but enough so the kids can go sledding. Winter really hasn't shown it's face here; we've mainly had spring weather. :-(

    Thanks for the laughs! Hope you have a great weekend with you pouty laundry! ;-)

  7. I giggled when I said it out loud also.

  8. BUCKIN' COUNTRY? Someone needs to lose their job for that! That's horrible but funny!

    Have fun shoppin' and getting new clothes this weekend! I'll be taking M to the casino for an overnight visit AND fancy dinner reservations. It's a surprise. He's pretty lucky so I'm hoping we strike it rich. =)

  9. Haha, that radio station name totally made me giggle!

    I don't want any snow - I'm ready for spring.

    We never do much for Valentine's...does that mean we're a horrible couple?

    my husband will probably be working that night.

  10. i NEED chocolate chip cookies too. i totally get that.

    thanks for linking up your confessions!!

  11. We did Valentine's last night for the family...on Tuesday I'll work up a couple little things but nothing big. :)


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