Monday, February 6, 2012

What a Weekend

OK, so Nick and I survived the weekend.  I say survived because this weekend was very busy.  There was a haircut, cousins for an over night, cooking, Superbowl and general, overall tiredness.
To start with I got a haircut on Friday afternoon.  Turbo rented a game for the Kinect.  Oh, and we all ended up snuggled in bed watching a movie, but nothing wildly exciting.
Saturday dawned cold and way too early.  Nick had beer to bottle and we had the cousins coming over to spend the night.  Nick and I bottled five gallons of Amber Ale--what Nick is calling Leanna Amber--which resulted in seven six packs and three four packs (15 oz bottles).  Nick is thrilled with the results, flat and done with the first ferment, it doesn't taste bad, I'd even go so far as to say it tastes pretty good.  Now it just needs to carbonate.  That evening we did make another batch of beer in the Mr. Beer.
The cousins got here a little after four and the semi controlled chaos ensued.  By 10:00 there were small bodies crashed in front of the movie and I was able to shut things down and go to sleep myself.  Of course they were all up way to early Sunday morning.
I made deviled eggs, Buffalo Chicken dip, a veggie tray and a meat and cheese tray for Superbowl snacking and we headed over to our cousin's house.  It's a great thing that they are good friends of ours.  We settled in and watched what turned out to be a fairly interesting game.  We have no real investment in a team, but we were glad to see the Giants win.
When we got home we shuffled boys off to bed and headed there ourselves.  It was a busy weekend and I think I might need a weekend from my weekend.  I'm really glad that weekends like that don't happen all that often.  But being busy with fun things does make the time pass.
How was your weekend? Did you Superbowl, or did you avoid the whole thing like the plague?


  1. Every weekend is a busy one for me, but it's the time we get for family so I love it and enjoy it. No super bowl for me this year, my daddy has come to visit for a month from FL!

  2. I actually put money on the game...5 bucks. I hate the Pats but I figured they'd win since I hate em. Boo.

  3. I had actually forgotten about a Super Bowl party we'd been invited to, so my Sunday of tiling prep did not get done like I'd hoped. But we still had a good time! :-)

  4. Ooo, I love that y'all are bottling your own beer! I did it a long time ago, and keep saying I'm going to again. I think I need to find a friend who wants to do it with me, since it's so dang messy. Sounds like a nice weekend!

  5. didn't watch the game but was busy with grocery shopping and other errands

  6. I was so busy this weekend. I wasn;t home at all. Saturday I was visiting a friend allll day & then Sunday we went to the in-laws for the entire day. I didn;t watch much of the superbowl, here & there but not anything consistant. I did record it here at home though, I HAVE to go back & watch through the commercials LOL.


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