Monday, February 20, 2012

Brewing, Bread and Haircuts

Well, we had a relatively quiet weekend around the Jones household.  Wouldn't be hard for anyone to keep up with us.
Friday night Nick headed to Ft. Collins to get more brewing supplies.  We had gone a whole week without having any beer brewing.  It was time to get the big batch going again.  Nick got the makings for a batch of Irish Red.  It should be quite drinkable by St. Patricks Day.  This batch had grains to steep to add flavor.
We saved the spent grains(the used grains) and I then made bread on Sunday.  It was very tasty adn we didn't just through out the spent grains.  Look at us being all recycly and stuff.
On Saturday I took both boys for haircuts.  It was Bruiser's first professional haircut.  He was a champ.  Did everything the nice haircutter told him to and got a sucker at the end.
Before, messy face and all

After, all little boy looking.
Not really happy about the before picture.

Turbo's after.  Goofy expression comes standard.
And today I'm headed to Ft. Collins with my mother to get pictures of the boys.  I also get to do a bit of shopping with her too.  Kind of looking forward to it, weather permitting.


  1. The kids look great. Have fun shopping with your mom.

  2. I wanna go shopping! Instead, I must work. Like the new layout!

  3. Awww...they look all grown up!! Love the new haircuts! I really need to get M some supplies to brew his own beer. I think it would be totally neat!

  4. :D They are all ready for their portraits. Enjoy your day with mom!


  5. I love that you guys brew!! :D
    I hope the Irish Red comes out deeelightfully, and I'm told that recycling leads to interesting successes. :D

  6. sounds like Russian to me, I don't get it at all! LOL
    Do you drink it, do you like it?
    The boys look adorable...sans the goofy face, right? My kids are all about goofy faces.

  7. I wish I liked beer or wine well enough to brew or make my own! The only thing I get to "brew" is my Rum & Diet

  8. The pictures are great! Very handsome.

  9. that's awesome you make your own beer, I know my hubs would love to try his hand at something like that!


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