Friday, February 17, 2012


Tine to confess
  • Some how the conversation got around to nipples on Tuesday.  
  • Mommy's are bigger than the guys.  
  • Everyone has two.  
  • Conclusions reached during the conversation.
  • Much giggling on everyone's part happened.
  • I definitely live with almost too many guys.
  • The mom look still works.
  • I can stop Turbo cold with just a look.
  • It's a skill.
  • We really like the Big Bang Theory theme.
  • And then there's the Soft Kitty song.  
  • I've actually sang it to Bruiser to get him to settle down to sleep.
  • Sad but true.
  • I have never done karoke.
  • Not sure I would want to.
  • Unless several TABs were involved.
  • However I love to sing in the car along with the radio.
Now since it'f Friday and that is a very good thing, go confess with Mamarazzi and be all ready to go for the weekend.


allstarme said...

The only way anyone would get me to do karaoke is if a.) it was a song I knew REALLY well and b.) I was pretty drunk.

K Lind said...

Ah, conversations about nipples. We've had those here at our house too. What is that about?! Must be all the testosterone we have in our homes! :-)

Kendra said...

We just had a nipple conversation in our house. Except Leo was like...I saw your knuckles. I had to explain the difference. The hubby thought I was nuts.

Beth said...

It's conversations like these that make me think being a mom is entirely different experience. :)

Yay for singing the Soft Kitty song, though! That cracks me up.

MiMi said...

Bahahaha! Nipple talk is hilarious.

Kimi said...

I am an excellent car singer as well. But I have a terrible voice. Really. It's true.

My middle son used to call them 'dimples' and I never corrected him until he said to his grandma one you want to see my dimples (and he actually does have dimples) so she said 'yes I love your dimples' and he lifted his shirt.

Jessica G. said...

My hubs usually skips the theme songs on the shows we watch but I won't let him on Big Bang Theory…at least until I get to say "We built the pyramids."

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I am so scared to be a art of this linky....I am scared everyone will unfollow me! ;P

Interesting conversation to have with your guys....

you crack me up!


stephanie said...

ha! Soft Kitty is THE ONLY song my toddler will have before bed. I can sing it in my sleep, no lie. It's been a year and a half and I've sang it at least once {sometimes 2-4x a night!} every. single. night.

Forgetfulone said...

Conversations about nipples. Cracks me up! You can tell you live with boys. LOL And the mom look will work for pretty much ever.

gretchen said...

Oh no. I'm afraid Jude is also very interested in everything boobie. I have a friend in my church choir who is breastfeeding, and she's really very discreet, though she does do it in front of everybody. And I always catch Jude trying to cop a look. I guess they are pretty dang interesting.

Mamarazzi said...

oh yes the sift kitty song.

and nipples are just funny.

sorry i am slow getting here, some weeks just get away from me. thanks for linking up, love your confessions and i really appreciate that you play along!


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