Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Random Randomness

It's Tuesday and it's time to random it up in this place.  Of course, it tends toward the random around here anyway.
  • Sigh.  I was not able to get out of town yesterday to go shopping with my mom and get pictures of the boys.  It snowed and all the roads out of town were closed.  Just shows what I get for making plans.  
  • There is more snow on the forecast for tomorrow night too.  No snow for the entire month of January and now we don't go four days without snow.  Not that I'm really complaining.  Better now than in April and May.  Or even June (which is totally not unheard of around here.)
  • I have my package for Beth all ready to go and will be mailing it after work today--good thing I get off at 3:30 so I can get to the post office.  I only need to get one more thing.  
  • Bruiser has an imaginary friend.  A monster who has a pet dog.  He told us about him and showed him around the house yesterday.  I like the imaginary friends--they are so quiet.
  • I kind of hate my hair right now.  It's in a growing out stage and just doesn't want to do anything.  All I can do is wait it out.  Stupid hair.
  • My fingernails are really thin.  Because of this they flex and bend really easily.  I don't paint them because the polish never lasts past a day.  I really liked having acrylic nails, but those cost so much.  So I go with the natural look.  At least since I had Bruiser, they grow well and tend to look nice.
Well that about covers my random for this week.  Go see Stacy for more random posts.
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Seriously Shawn


  1. I wish I could do acrylic too. It is just to expensive.

  2. Gah! The SNOW! We have been known to have snow in June as well.

    I am so over winter. I wonder how may more times I can say that between now and spring?

    I have only had acrylic nails once - on my wedding day. and they made me so crazy that I cracked them all off before the next day!

  3. Where do you live that you have that much snow?! We've had the mildest winter ever (in Baltimore) and we want snow!

    I'm growing my hair out too and am in a constant state of blah... I hear ya!

  4. Our snow is all melting... :( Makes me sad, doesn't feel like winter lasted long enough here.

    I have thin nails too, but I've started putting a coat of nail strengthner on before I paint my nails (a new obsession of mine in the past 8 months) - and it's really helped build them up!

  5. So Dr. Oz had a special on nails one day on his show. If you take clear nail polish and put some minced up garlic in it. Let it sit for 10 days (shake every now and again), then apply it on your nails, it is supposed to make them as hard as acrylic nails. In fact he said that and a nurse in the audience backed that reasoning up. I made the polish, I just only applied it once b/c my nails are fairly strong anyway, but it doesn't smell like garlic at all.

  6. I definitely don't envy your snow but it sucks you couldn't get out to town. I am totally doing research on where you live, by the way... for my package to you. I'm poking around to see what kinds of stores you have or don't. :)

  7. Love your imaginary friend with the dog.

    Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.

  8. I miss the days of nail polish. Because I work in a coffee shop and there are strict rules about our nails. No acrylics, no polish of any sort. Everyone's nails look like hell. LOL

  9. Boo to all the snow. It looks pretty but after about a day...I'm done.
    Isn't it weird how nails and hair are so different after babies?

  10. I use to have acrylics all the time. I miss pretty nails. My hubby surprised me with a pretty manicure and gels just before V'day. Still so expensive.

  11. YAY for swap packages!! I'm so excited to see what everyone got! I got mine mailed today too.

    I think imaginary friends are good. I had one but it embarrassed my family because I would talk to "heather" at restaurants so my grandma made me a 3 foot tall doll and she named her Heather. So basically, my imaginary friend became real! HA!

    Thanks for linking up Miss Vandy! xoxo

  12. I take multivitamins to strengthen my nails...when I remember that is.

  13. I never paint my nails because it always looks awful when I do and I am way too cheap to pay to get them done

  14. Now I know where all the snow went this winter - your backyard! Mother Nature has sucked pond water this year not giving us a real winter. If you're tired of it, you could send it our way, Princess Nagger is bummed she hasn't even had one snow day this year. :)

    Imaginary friends are cool, aren't they? They're not noisy and they don't make a mess. :)

    I hate the growing out stage - it's a patience builder for sure.

    I had acrylic nails once - too bad they're so expensive, I'd love to do 'em again they're so pretty! I go with the natural look, too - mostly because I can't stand to have my nails too long (messes with my 155 wpm typing - I never learned to type with my nails), and I tend to pick polish off when I'm fidgeting. Except when I had the acrylics. Then I just admired them. ;)

    Valentine Spoilage, Where’s My Water Addiction, The Hunger Games Dilemma

  15. again i tell you snow is a evil thing

  16. Snow? No thank you, I have the windows and doors open.

    I need to mail my package today, how I am one of the hostesses of the swap and behind? I'm always a day late and a dollar short!

    I have the worst nails ever. They're thin and peel and are horrible most of the time.

    Thanks for linking up and for swapping with us!

  17. Oooh I like your new thing on the top for St. Patrick's Day!

    Bummer about not going shopping. That sucks.

    And I used to get my nails done too. I loved the feeling and how they looked. I also have really brittle nails so I just go with the no polish look too.


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