Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What I meant to say--What were you thinking?


OK so it's time to play with Brittany and Angel and get those tongue biting moments off your chest.

To Nick:
What I said:  Sure, you can get a four wheeler.
What I should have said--We don't even all fit in our camper and you want to get a four wheeler?  I thought the camper came first, then the four wheeler.  We are getting things in sort of the wrong order, aren't we?

So we now own a four wheeler.  I guess it's cool and it will be fun and useful for Nick's field work this summer and next.  Still I really want a new(er) camper--definitely pop-up style.  He has pinkie swore with me that I get a new pop-up camper next spring.  We shall see what comes.

To Bruiser:
What I said:  Are you dancing? 
What I should have said:  Nothing--I should just enjoy watching him get his groove on.


  1. He he, John has wanted a four-wheeler before. Then I got pregnant. Never mentioned it again. :-)

  2. Every time I mention to my kids about their dancing they get all embarrassed and quit!

  3. I don't even question the dancing any more. If it involves head bobbing or hopping, it's dancing. No music necessary.

  4. lmbo myhubby knows better then ask for a 4 wheeler ummm NOT Lol..
    when my youngest dances it is so cute... I love it..
    I understand how ya feel I have 3 boys and a hubby lol.. the testosterone level in this house is HUGE ...
    Thanks for playing with us today..

  5. Oh I know what you mean re: Bruiser and the dancing. If I ask Jude what he's doing, he stops. And it's so much funnier to just spy on him unobserved!

  6. watching our kids dance is the best isnt it ;)

  7. Ha, I'm hoping T never asks for a 4 wheeler...or a camper...

  8. Are you going to get on that four-wheeler and go for it?

  9. Ahhh the things we should have said or shouldn't have said.

    Kids dancing, too cute!

  10. I should totally learn about the talking to kids when they are in the middle of dancing too. i always do it & then they stop. Dang it!


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