Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Random Tuesday

Okay it's Tuesday--feels more like Monday.  With the whole Fourth of July thing this weekend, I'm not really ready to face the week yet.  Go see Keely and link up your random for this week.

Well, we had a fun weekend.  We went camping with friends and had a ball.  We went four wheeling, ate really good food and hiked our feet off.  Turbo ran around with the other kids and got wet and dirty and bug bitten.  Bruiser was a hit and really good even if his schedule was all shot to hell.  The biggest down side to the weekend was the meeting of my four wheeler and the tree.

My first time ever on a four wheeler and I would have to have a wreck.  I drop every new thing we have --cameras, DS, computers, and yes I even dropped Turbo when he was new--I dumped him out of the carrier.  So yes, I wrecked--sort of.  I hit some ruts and kind of panicked and forgot the brake and ran right in to the trees.  I have some lovely bruises to show for the adventure.  I will say that I did get back on the thing and rode again.  Kind of like a horse I guess.

We all have our war wounds from the weekend.  Nick's ankle is still not 100%, Turbo's knee met a rock and he has a lovely cut, Bruiser's face is a series of bug bites.  However we managed to avoid sunburn.  I will get pics posted of our adventures later.

We did find out that bears do indeed poo in the woods.  We saw the relatively fresh evidence in the trail as we were hiking.  Just a bit scary but since there were loads of people hiking the same trail I didn't really worry about it.  Any bear was far away to get away from the noise at least.

And on a random note--why is unpacking far less fun and takes more time than packing?

Why do little boys' toenails grow so fast?

Laundry is mounting again.  It is a never-ending task that ranks only slightly higher than dishes.

And just so you don't think things are going really great for us yet (because what fun would that be?) Nick's truck just developed an oil leak.  We are going to have to go get it checked.  And we just paid it off.  I swear things know just when to fall apart. 

We finally figured out why the appliances in our house are falling apart.  We have lived in our house for almost 13 years--in September.  So the 13th year has gotten us.  Let's just hope that nothing else goes to pieces.

So go see Keely for more random and enjoy your July.


  1. I hate to admit it, I love unpacking. Getting everything back into its place makes my heart skip. Okay, I'll shut up now. Glad you had a good time!

  2. You've been tagged :-) Stop by my site to check it out!

  3. That would be my luck, wrecking and all. I am glad that you are ok.

    LOL, I have that same question about laundry on a daily basis. It never ends.. If I don't do it daily, it will turn into a monsert!

    Thanks for stopping by for some RTT.

  4. Well, at least you survived only minorely scathed. With a story to tell.

    If you have the excuse of 13, what excuse did my house have last year. It's only 3.

  5. I'm so glad that you weren't hurt badly. I hate unpacking. It takes forever and then you have to wash it or put it all away. UGH it's the worst part of a trip. Sounds like yo had a good time though.

  6. Same things has been happening with my hubs truck...paid it off last year and we have had it in the shop like 4 or 5 times since then!

  7. Happy RTT! Sorry about the trees and truck troubles.
    YAY for the Bear being "away" from the action spot.

  8. Oh my gosh SERIOUSLY with the toenails already huh!!!

  9. I just had to comment about the toenails. I so agree. My little one has his ankles all cut up because he likes to twist his feet together and I CANNOT seem to cut often enough.

  10. things do know when to fall apart, don't they? hope it's a quick, cheap fix.

  11. Any adventure worth remembering involves many wounds! LOL!

    Hubby made the last payment on his truck and two weeks later had to put in a whole new clutch system.
    It seems to happen all the time.

    Glad you had a great weekend!


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